Monday, August 30, 2010

The Weekend

weekend has been spent mostly here
no...not the golf part...
we only went to the club house for lunch :D

we were still busy moving things in batches and cleaning the new home
it's so dusty
guess the place gonna need another month before all the dust can settle down
sunset fr the balcony
taken by JS
so far....
the only place we could sit at is the balcony

yes will update more on our "snail move"
really slow and really do take our own sweet time :P

seriously at this rate and our hectic travel schedules
we will only officially move in by end of the year

but end of the year is our annual holiday
okie lar...promise ourselves that we will definitely move in
Chinese New Year 2011

yes I can so imagine my readers slapping their foreheads and tsk-tsk-ing

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