Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paddy Field, Tegalalang

we passed by here while in Ubud
and Tegalalang is a must visit for photography
in fact there are a few other rice paddy field in Bali
but this is the most touristy one
rice is Balinese staple food
due to the steep terrain in Bali *remember it's an island formed by volcanoes*

they used a water irrigation system called Subak
the water will flow fr the top tier all the way down
in fact it is so therapeutic coz u can hear the water flow fr levels to level

This irrigation also creates an artificial ecosystem

must play tourist a bit and snap pic with the paddy field

I wondered if he's cutting weeds or harvesting?
there's also lil pavilion for tourists to have tea and coffee and traditional cakes
nope we didn't do that

this place is slightly cooler due to its inland geographical location
and its altitude
hehehehehhe my monkey friend :)))))
99% Balinese are pagan worshippers
only 1% are Muslims and they are not even on this island - the neighbouring island called Lombok

see the hibiscus on its ears?
most Balinese men adorn flowers so IT IS ENTIRELY OK to do it
including JS kekkekekekekeke
*ok lar I made him do it*

this place is also full of women selling all sorts of things u dun need
at only USD 1
yes from Sarongs to carvings and woodwork
yes USD 1!!!!!!!
super blarddy cheap can die

but then again its things that u dun need 
and I'm sure your friends back in your country won't need it either

Malaysia has got a lot of paddy fields too
how come we didn't turn it into a tourist spot??
Merdeka is coming
Malaysia Boleh!!!
anything oso can in this country......
nyek nyek nyek

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