Thursday, August 05, 2010

Akashi, Orchard Parade Hotel

it's really a treat to dine at Akashi
they fly in fresh produce fr Japan and its fish market everyday
yes everyday...
can't get fresher than that

the above was a concoction of fish roe and seaweed topped with sesame seed
the roe has a crunchy texture :)
Baby Abalone!!!! still in its shell
so cute and ain't enuff :P
Japanese oysters in its juice and some chili salsa japanese style
topped with japanese spring onions
japanese spring onions has got a cleaner taste than the local one
we started the evening with carefully prepared sashimi
egg yolk, soyu and ginger shavings for?

for the fresh ika = was cut so nicely
as though chef used a ruler to measure and made sure it's of equal width
then u dip it in like this....
absolutely incredible...yummy!!!!!

really really fresh uni - sea urchin
just eat em on its own or wrap them up with crispy seaweed
this was J&J Jelina's favourite...guess she can finish one whole box on her own :P
sweet and creamy hotate from Hokkaido
looking at its cream color u know how rich this is :P
water in north Japan is very all the fish and shellfish better be FAT
deep fried sweet shrimps

sushi of alaskan crab, tuna belly and toro
yea I know can't see the rice right? less rice and more meat...
dun pile on the carbs so fast...dinner just bout to start...
the above were torched to perfection
since they were so fat and oily....they just melt in the mouth

more sashimi of high quality salmon belly and toro
huge portion
dried fugu fish
came with a salmon roe mayo dip
hmmmmm...the prized part of a salmon....its belly..
look at the marbling of FATS~~~~~~~
bhutan ebi with's an amazing sweet and huge prawns...
as long as my palm :D
a CDP and I forgot to snap its vintage....beautiful with all the sashimi
KOBE beef~~~~~~ aaaAAAaaaaaa
its FATs were used to fry beans sprouts
can u spot its crunchy cubed beef fats?
yum yum yum yum....
rare on the inside....
those who were still hungry aka ME
Chef made more sushi
the above was akagai - Japanese cockle
the fins of a flounder fish...crunchy!!!!!
served with japanese chives
giant clam soup with leeks and mushrooms

think this was a chopped torro sushi
by this time, everyone were hugging their tummies
and Doc asked for last call....and recommended this noodle
and for those who were still hungry AKA ME again!!!!

fantastic beef noodle in its awesome beef broth
they used high quality rice noodles
and the thinly sliced beef + lotsa fats were put in last minute to maintain its flavour and texture

for those who didn't try this.....hmmmm sayang lar!!!!
slurped every strand of its al dente rice noodle and finished every drop of its soup
nope peeps, this one not apple....but JAPANESE PEACH
so SEDAP!!!!!!!!!!
last week I went to Isetan to find some...and FOUND IT!!!
retailing at RM 29.90 one biji

it has such deliciously sweetness innit and soft to every bite as u sink ur teeth into its meaty flesh
I want now~~~~~~~~
japanese sweet kyoho grapes :)
yes so highly prized that they served only a few on a bed of shaved ice...
kyoho ice creams but definitely dun taste like kyoho at all
more like grape flavored bubblegums!!!
reminded me of my childhood

Singapore here we come again....but no AKASHI this round....
maybe another time....gotta pay another Chef friend of ours a visit
it's been a long long time since we last visited Kome :)

Akasi Japanese Restaurant
1 Tanglin Road, Orchard Parade Hotel,
Orchard Road,
Tel: +65 6732 4438
*read bout our previous trip here*

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