Monday, August 09, 2010

Dear Julia.....

U held my hands and said..."don't worry...u r doin fine"
it was our concert performance...I could not feel my fingers...
they were numb...How am I to feel the keys of the piano
how am I to perform in front of all the guests of honors and everyone else?

my heart was pumping hard
and we were just lil gals in our lollie dresses
stressed to the max

years later, we went to school together everyday...
in a bus which I thought was so big then.
and there were so many notti boys
disturbing and saying really annoying things to us.

in a soft voice u told me.."now u hate them, u'll like them later"
*and chuckled out a giggle to which I rolled my eyes 360 degrees*
then I thought how would I like boys....

U've been through a difficult but well fulfilled life
I've alwiz looked up to you as my role model at school
now all that's left were just memories
of you....
May you rest in peace
and gawd I really do wished again it wasn't u when I got the news

it's so dreadful to hear........
I hope the police will catch the murderer soon


licheng said...

YC, it was really shocking news for me too. started thinking about times back in school, also we were in the same piano theory/practical classes at melody music school. she always had kind words for everyone. she had a lot going for her, recently finished her studies in wales and just got bck to msia last mth. it's just really sad that her life ended so soon.

Tsu Lin said...

What happened to your friend Cherry? She was murdered? That's really terrible. Hope she Rests in Peace.

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yes it's still so shocking and difficult to accept!!!

TL: Police has classified the case as murder...she fell from the 12th floor and was last seen clinging onto an Astro dish screaming for help by an eye witness. No one knows what happen actually :(((