Monday, October 13, 2008

Mount Kinabalu

The men dedicated a DAY
ONE precious day
for us ladies....
No Golf but only sight seeing.
Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Msia
at 4095 metres/ 13,435 feet *latest published figure*

4th tallest in South East Asia
and 20th tallest in the world.
the foot of the mountain is about 1.5 hours drive fr Kota Kinabalu
that's very far actually...
considering that we can see the mountain so clearly in KK itself.
we stopped at some lil town for a short break
after all the twisting and winding roads
which twisted my stomach and made me nauseous.
it looks like some huge big rock there!!!
it looks slippery.....
after some drive, we reached the FOOT of the MOUNTAIN
at its National Park which is also a World's Heritage Site
When I twist my neck and look up...this is all I can see.'s so close!!!! I can almost touch it!!!!!
touch your head!!!

it takes an average of 2 DAYS to climb this!!!!

Day 1: Start climbing in the morning.....reach its halfway hut by late afternoon
Day 2: Continue the climb to its peak in the early morning/midnite.
and then voila!!! watch sunrise at 5am.

and do u know there's a marathon each year for this mountain???
and do u freaking know how fast they climb???
these ppl are not human

maybe they've mis printed it...
it should be DAYS and not HOURS.
it's only 8.72km...but why so long??????
2 days????
All the Mat Sallehs on their way to its peak...
good luck folks!!!
we registered ourselves and it was our turn to "climb"
hiak hiak hiak.
the first 30 was an easy trail....
before I can finish spelling EASY to JS...
it became like this!!!!
and before I can catch my breath...
it became like this!!!!!

"GAH!!! this is how it looks like all the way up???"
JS: "This is the easy part....wait till u are up there!!!!"

and we were only 2 minutes into the climb.
JS found a mini waterfall!!
this is so impossible
so wonder the physical training needed.
and I was hungry~~~~~
JS got me so wild strawberries which tasted un-berry.
very difficult....
very steep
very cold
very slippery
I have no stamina even to climb for 5 minutes
but I wanna CLIMB!!!!
the views were breathtaking
okie....I must climb next July...
I'll definitely come back well PREPARED!!!
but first I need to train for a freaking 6 months...
so beautiful.

Mr. JS ar, how in the world can u climb 13 FREAKING times???After my climb next year,
I'm gonna frame the CERTIFICATE nicely!!!

Congratulations to Ms Monkey for making it to the peak of Mt. Kinabalu
the highest peak in Borneo.

Wish me luck!


neil said...

I want to climb Mt Kinabalu too!!!

Anonymous said...

i thought Mt K was highest mountain in SEA?? you mentioned 4th highest in SEA!

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: U wanna join us???? :)))

My facts:
1) Hkakabo Razi, Myanmmar 5881m
2) Puncak Jaya, Papua Indonesia 4884m
3) Puncak Trikora, Papua Indonesia 4750m
4) Mount Kinabalu, Msia 4095m