Friday, October 17, 2008

House of Sundanese

We went to this restaurant last month,
though of crashing the place before the moslems "berbuka"
and we did,
but there was already a long queue of ppl waiting to be seated.
erm, we forgot to make reservation coz this place ain't that popular anyway.
Since we were not moslems,
they seated us and started taking our orders...

but it was only 6pm!!!!!
u ppl don't open fast till 7.14pm!!!
gosh they must be darn hungry.
emping with the spicy belacan dip
super yum that we asked for a refill.... RM 6
appetizer of "Taupok"
crispy deep fried tofu stuffed with mixed vege RM 15.90
Sayur lodeh RM 13.90
it was too rich for me...
"Cumi Cumi" was actually sotong panggang in sticky sweet sauce
it was not overly cooked hence a good springy texture.
RM 7.50 per squid
fragrant spiced rice at RM 3.50 each
with lotsa curry leaves
my favourite got to be this!!!
Nila Goreng "dancing fish" RM 43.90
he looked so grumpy.....:(
what a pretty fish!!!
crunchy to the bones...
this one must ORDER!!!

Check out my first visit with Chris *here*
gosh that was 2 years ago.

House of Sundanese Food
Level 4, Suria KLCC,
Tel: 603 2166 2273


licheng said...

yeah, the fish is also my favourite dish..yumz

Tsu Lin + + said...

I used to love to go there when I was in BP because I think the food is reasonably good - the fish plus their free-flow of Barley drink! And you basically mentioned most of my fav food there - the belacan n emping.

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Yes the fish is a must have!!!

Tsu Lin: Can never get enuff of the emping rite? esp the belacan!!! So now, I've found another "spicy-kaki". He He He He.