Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chef JS cooking up a storm

Monkey, I Ching, Prince C, Bernard da Joker, Mrs. Kwon, Mr. Kwon, Eveline, HRH
It was our turn to play host to Mr. & Mrs. Kwon for their hospitality,
during our stay at Borneo Golf Resort.
Since they own and run the place, we were practically treated like royalties there.
JS brought this fr KL
Burgundies can't travel that well,
so this bottle was meant to keep to the last few days before we consumed it.
Since we have so many pax with only a single bottle of burg,
we went to Tong Heng to get more wines and this was the best of the lot.
aint' cheap either...


after one sip, we left this bottle sitting on its own
at Eveline's kitchen
*I'm soooo lonely~~~~ I'm on my own~~~~~*
waste time and money to buy.
Chef JS in action in his "kuda" shirt
yes another nite of wagyu rib!!!
just marinate it with salt and pepper,
let it sit for 30 mins,
pan seared it for under one min one each side.
then jammed it in the oven for 25 mins...
this round we wanted it pink!!!
and what happen to its fat and oil???
fried jap rice.....hehehehehehehehe
aragula and sauteed grapes with balsamic,
where are the grapes???????
mixed salad...
I washed and cleaned and cut all the greens OK!!!!
despite having 2 maids running around like rats
coz Mr. JS has got high standard...
lucky he didn't measure the length and thickness of all my vege.
Abalone risotto with dill
everyone just had a lil dollop
I hope that was enuff.
Eveline made this crab casserole..
family secret recipe all the way fr Canada.
but Monkey saw wat's innit...
nyek nyek nyek
I promised not to tell OK.
*I'm gonna be banned fr the kitchen soon*
HRH baked a yummylicious chicken
felt like christmas!!!!
the skin was so crispy yo!!!
good on its own.
Prawn cappellini
we were so full towards the end~~~~~
yesssssssss KRUG again!!!!
JS made his most celebrated dessert
banana tarte tartin
look at the caramelised bananas!!!
the puff pastry was so crunchy
yum yum~~~~~~
Eveline baked this fantastic japanese spongy cheese cake
I had so many slices
hehehehe *tak malu*
see it's so soft!!!!!
and spongy~~~~
Chef JS,
when are u gonna start a blog/website with all your recipes???


neil said...

ooo... I remember that banana thingy dessert! That was when Nee Lee was photographed drooling at the food *paiseh*

Tsu Lin + + said...

Cherry, you tell TLakaJS this is too much dee.... how come he never cooked and bring to office last time, har? (Too late to tell him that-la.. but... i salivating over the food - ALL of it)

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: YESSSS U remembered!!! that was almost a year ago huh??

Tsu Lin: hmmm I recalled him bringing some bread and orange cake. Anyway get him to give u the recipe!! All of it!!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Cherry : JS bringing food to office? I think he did that to impress you only. I don't remember him doing that, EVER. (maybe got but he kept senyap-senyap to himself)

Actually I urge JS to publish his recipes too. Haha.

CHER-RY said...

Tsu Lin: I've interrogated him for you. He said.....he seldom cook last time wor. Go shoot him now!!!