Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yes twice a week...
my schedule was so packed I don't have any time to enjoy myself.

JS took the 3pm flight...coz he can't wait to lay his hands on the xmas merchandise,
and allow himself more time to shop..
GOD...what kind of man is he??

So monkey took the 5.15 flight due to work commitment.
and I was so sick that day, went to a doc and head straight to the airport

but not
when that stupid bizman seated beside me neva stop talking.
I didn't sleep thru the journey.

The worst has yet to come,
the ah beng cab driver wouldn't stop talking either.

I was happy when I met JS
he got me something :))
had dinner at Moomba, I luv their spinach & parmesan bread
as usual, we don't order, we eat what Chef Leonard cooks......freshly flown in pacific oysters.
JS's fav squid ink risotto
Look at his happy face :))))
seared forgot wat fish with shaved fennels
rib eye with korean mushroom and garlic flowers
and a special dessert created for me....I'm a sucker for it was very good.
JS exchanging some goumet tips with Leonard the chef

Yes..JS bought me a Tiffany Fish pendant designed by Frank Gehry.

No, it's not my christmas pressie.
Why Jade coz I don't fancy them?
coz I was sick on the same day...
and according to JS ...*rolls eyes*
Jade protects a person's chi.

anyway, it was very sweet of him...
so i took off my current Tiffany Paloma Picasso and started wearing this new one.

He said, it will grow on me and the colour will gets better.

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