Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pre-xmas dinner

I luv fresh flowers at home all the time,
been getting lilies all these while,
white, yellow, pink.
Any other suggestions?
I want flowers with nice smell.
had pre-xmas dinner with Roland & Lilian
with UCP & Fanny of coz
instead of roast turkey we had roast porky
I can't believe it was so good,
no one believed that JS made it.
goes very well with sautee caramelized pineapple
instead of stollen we had japanese flour bread
instead of pasta we had crab mee hoon
the men did all the cookings at the back, we ladies eat and..wat else..bitch around!!
I can't describe the ingredients, 3 different types of pepper, chilli oil, olive oil confit, stocks....
I made tiramisu the nite before
Tiramisu means "pick me up" in italian
not to be outshine by me, JS made a last minute spectacular poached aussie mango with vanilla syrup
we had 2 bottles of Dom Perignon, 1 Krug, 1 Moscato D'asti
Everyone went home pregnant!!!
pregnant with food except Lilian who's expecting her 1st child.

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