Friday, December 08, 2006

I've been feeding myself like a somalian kid,
Whenever I see food.....
is like how JS saw that nice shoe, bags, leather goods, timepieces, apparels, homeware.

He bought so much of stuffs
we had problem transporting them home to KL.
in the end we have to abandon our plans to bring back his wines fr his cellar.

Next time, bring 5 more luggages.
OK BABY?????? can???
The best chicken rice in town @ Meritus Mandarin, SGD 19.50
with all my fav sauces, ginger, soy, chili
tiramisu @ Borders...
Can u tahan me?
Even at the bookstore, I managed to park myself at the cafe,
and ordered something...
Lawrence laughing happily...I can't see his eyes
Of coz he's that jovial & happy,
he's now the FIRST VICE PRESIDENT for a huge huge bank in Singapore.
Congratulations to you Lawrence,
Lucky u didn't pick up that offer by SASA Cosmetics.
It's either u are homosexual or u are good looking to join that company.
as usual, we brought our own wines & glasses
we had dinner at a japanese restaurant *i forgot the name & location*
they served high quality cut toros, fish sperm, kobe, sea urchin.....yum yum yum yum yum yum
and the food came non stop..
we have to tell them not to serve anything else after the sashimi session.
that as like only the main course for us.
all together 15 starters....tell to eat main course?
evil devil indian curry
the next day, Lawrence hosted a pasta and indian lunch.
Sorry folks, no pics of the pasta coz I was busy helping out at the kitchen.
the indian part are all take-away...
nice lentils
10 of us shared a pack of rice coz we had 4 diff types of pasta earlier
Porcini mushroom pasta,
Alio olio pasta,
Ooni with seaweed pasta,
squid ink pasta,
Too much of carbo!!
washed all the curry down with champagnes

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