Sunday, December 17, 2006

Astelier Party @ Maison

Astelier...."where prestigious brands meet high society"
that's their line...

We were invited by Astelier to their party,
as usual, Chris was alwiz 30 mins late,
*i wish u do not read my blog*

Went downstairs n waited for him at the red carpet,
and pretended to be one of the celebs....hahahaha
Chris & Mr.Bad fr Rolex, "I am Bad...I'm so bad..."
drunk monkey and still sober Chris
2 Dewars, 2 lycheetinis, 1 gin & tonic...and a full glass of merlot.
on an empty stomach.
bad bad, never do that again.

My friends still insist that I looked like Mel....
Mel will definitely say no!!!!
Here, Mel receiving her Best Designer Award.

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