Friday, December 15, 2006


Nothing motivates me better than good wines,
The moment I heard Prince C coming to town with a nice bottle,

In a flash,
faster than bionic woman,
as efficient as I ever know,

I made reservation for 4 of us,
finished all my work in time,
cancelled all other appointments in the evening,
get home one hour earlier,
well u can't predict the traffic in KL these days...
Prince C brought Pensfold 1983
our appetizer
shared the signature dish with JS, foie gras sandwiched in btw unagi
I had a lovely lamb
see how pink it is!!!
Pensfold 83, Evian, Krug Rose 85 and we had a dessert wine 1978 (not in pic)
Looking good alwiz....I-Ching and Prince C
Monkey with I-Ching here....
Yes i know,
I have yet to get back all my curves...

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