Wednesday, December 13, 2006

He bought his OWN xmas pressie

yes I'm a horrible gf, say some.
for him to go and get his own pressie,
and paid it himself.

not when u know,
the pressie in his list can literally blow your mind,
and your pocket.

so yesterday he proudly MMS me a pic of his new watch,
Zenith Defy Extreme Open Heart
It's the latest collection fr Zenith, first seen during Conquest of Time last month

I brought JS to the boutique last weekend,
to see what's new,
little did i know,
he's been eyeing that newly arrived piece.

Temptation drew him to try it,
and voila.....
2 days later, it's permanently on his wrist!!!!
yes it's a very beautiful timepiece, I agree.

my one year salary man!!

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