Tuesday, December 19, 2006

be-lated M-IFW 2006 pics

All the beautiful glamourous people, I like her dress
Datin Mastisa & Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir
Datuk Farah Khan & friend
and then the show begins.....
Katie is wearing Bubble Bats
the opening gambit, all five wearing
Bubble collections
Models by Andrew models *thank u Andrew*
all styled by Cris Yong *thank u Cris*
hair and makeup by Monica Lee *thank u Monica*
I am sooooo gonna buy this dress!!!!
and this one
all dresses except the opening & closing gambit by TriBeCa
Diane Von Furstenberg, Chloe, Lanvin, Anna Sui, Cacharel....
too many dresses already, 64!!!!
can't post too many or blogspot will ban me....hehehehe
on her wrist, Admiral's Cup Chrono 44
closing gambit with all the exclusive collections fr CORUM
Datin Mastisa, Deepa my Regional Director and Phoebe
Datin is so beautiful and a very kind lady,
Phoebe is very sweet and so nice to work with.

YES GUYS, drool....drool~~~~
NOW my turn to drool...
nyek nyek nyek
introducing Fabio
Brian was trying to figure out the whole nite,
why would gals like this type of men,
You'll never be able to figure it out Brian...
on Fabio's wrist, Admiral's Cup Competition 48
Well imagine me working backstage with all the models throughout the nite,
My colleague was admiring Fabio till her eyes almost drop fr her sockets.

I'm not as bad as Ies,
got them to strip right to the very last strand,

"Well, it's all tights and they have to strip kan???"
"Ies...Ies...did u design that on purpose???"

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