Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taikoh's birthday

The day to pop open a bottle of KRUG.......not just any KRUG but a bottle from the prized Ambonnay is indeed a special day. So bottles like this are only meant for special occasion.

In fact, this was only my bottle number 2....such a privilege :))))))))))

JS's birthday oso saw himself being showered with love and gifts from all his friends. I didn't post pics of all his gifts but thank you people :)))) U know who u are and either JS is so easy to read or all of you knew him too him all the nice pressies that he LOVE!!!

The wine list was sent to chef much earlier to prepare and create this menu. Truly outstanding menu except there was horror on my face prior to this dinner when I saw the word "duck" on it...

also no chicken, no fowls...but foie gras is alwiz welcomed...hahahahaha.
and in order not to hinder the rest of the duck lovers guests, everyone got to have that duck dish except Mr. JS who got a lovely surprise from Chef.

We arrived much earlier to prepare the wines....somehow we still need to prepare them MUCH MUCH MUCH earlier...alwiz a lesson learnt and we never seem to learn from it. Plus sommelier was away on 3 weeks medical leave...get well soon Guillaume and we need u back :)))

Before food arrived, we were already bz poppping all the champagnes
Henri Billiot Rose fr Ambonnay, a rather small maker with really limited productions. I lurve it for its rather complex nose and there's alwiz never enuff stocks that arrived in Singapore for purchase. After a few months, now it is available for import to Malaysia and our beloved wine merchant has got only limited bottles.

Soon I saw Dr. Epicurean and JS were fighting for 12 bottles in Malaysia??? or was it 6??
*Read bout our visit to Henri Billiot's winery in Ambonnay France here*
Then we had the Salon 96 which was so well rested....
and finally the Emperor himself....Krug Clos d'Ambonnay 1996
We had this on my birthday last year but it somehow has evolved and changed so much. It tasted like it has aged a lot......less rounded, less richer too. Somehow disappointing....

Beignet of Akkeshi Oyster, served with crispy seaweed and the other with caviar. Paired so well with the champagnes :))))))))

Prince C: "Can we have more of these? One dozen for each person is good."
Everyone -_-"

Carpaccio of Rock Lobster with Aquitaine Caviar
It was so lovely!!! with the dark colored jelly made from Japanese Soyu :))))

Blue Fin Tuna with Nama Wasabi
this dish is so delicate, pure and zen :))))))

by now all the alcoholics...err I mean lovely guests were nudging to get these babies ready.
Thank you Dr. Epicurean for sharing these really lovely italians...not just any but Gaja :))))

a few weeks ago...
Dr. Epicurean: "JS is the year of 1960 right?"
Monkey: "Yup yup u got it!! something up your sleeve huh???"
Dr. Epicurean cheeky grin

such beautiful Barolo and Barbaresco. Italian wines really do need a lot of AGE innit......otherwise u can breathe them for 24 hours.

MW Maho: "HEEEHHHH!!!! u are same age as Papa Bear???"
I guess she needed a closer look at JS to check on his wrinkles and lines
:P hahahahahahaha
Looks so old....with so much of sediments.
Leroy Musigny 1966

Cold Capellini Pasta with Hotaru Ika and Nasu
everyone was searching for Nasu aka Aubergine....u know sometimes the hardest segment/part to prepare in a dish could be something you couldn't even see.

the lil squids were so so so juicy and it seems all of them were fully loaded with eggs/roe inside. As usual Prince C was soooo alarmed...

Prince C: "WAHHHH"
Staff: "It's very big right this dish? hahaha"
Prince C: "Yeahhhh man very the small......."

Soon all the REDS were unleashed!!!

Happy People Happy Occasion :))))

COnfit of Tai with White Asparagus and Sea Urchin

I just noticed there's a few pics missing - including the really yummylicious consomme of Foie GRas with Perigord Truffles. I don't seem to be able to find those pics.

DRC La Tache 1976
hmmm I see there's a theme here....with the number 6 appearing everywhere...this one is bottle numbered 4958 and we forgot to buy numbers that nite :P

Burgaud duck salmis with endives....
it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooodddddddddddd

served with baby endives and crunch nuts on top on the sides.

yes I was on the other side of the table, but I could see JS's face gleaming with smiles...coz he didn't get any ducks...bahahahaa...else it would be horror story. So wat did he get???


There's so much of caviar....this was a surprise from Chef for JS. No wonder he was beaming from ear to ear. -_-"

The duck dish did pair so well with CDP...not just any CDP but one by Henri Bonneau :))))))))))

Lastly our main course of Japanese Wagyu, served with its jus and a few specks of sea salt. So yummy and so lovely!!!!

Just when the guys thought dinner was almost over.....we need to call them back from the smoking lounge.

J&J James: "There's more food?"
Yup...let's go back up there.

The same expression was on the face when...
J&J James: "U meant I am sitting on Sing Teck's favourite couch?"
Yes u are.....

The final dish, not in the menu....and definitely one of our favorite...
egg and rice...
not just any egg but one that was sous vide
not just any rice but one from Japan

and drizzled with not any soyu but a really aged one
topped with not any fat...but crispy beef fat from the wagyu

So tell could one resist this :)))))))))))
comfort food~~~~~
so simple and yet so refine

Soon, the real surprise came out....his Birthday Cake from the team of Cilantro!!!
you guys are so sweet :))))))))))

You mean this is for me????
Yes it's your birthday and there's no surprises this year coz we knew how much you hated surprises.

JS: "Yes it's my birthday!!!!"

Munchy, Xer, J&J James Jelina, I Ching, Prince C, MW Maho and Dr. Epicurean
Thank you so much for all the wines, your presence, laughter and most of all friendship :))))
JS sure looked proud here....For some reason which I can't figure out why.

My favourite pic from that evening!!! hahahahahaha

and last but not least, we had some really yummy cake by Cilantro and petit four. Thank you Cilantro and Chef Takashi Kimura :)))))))))

Wines lineup was very good. Everyone had their favourite...and a really old Chateau Latour as well :))))

Today is 12th March.....and Mr. JS is another year wiser
Wishing you Good Health, Happiness and more good drinks *and definitely more vacation with me*


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Happy Birthday JS! A fabulous one indeed... :)

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Happy Birthday JS!

js said...

Thanks food dreams and Damian for your wishes.