Monday, March 24, 2014

Post-CNY Lap Mei Farn dinner

Thanks to Wilbur and William, we got some really high quality sausages from Hong Kong. They lugged the pork and goose liver sausages back to Msia....more like smuggled in :P oh well tell me who doesn't smuggle things in huh?

Since both of them didn't have the confident to prepare them, it was passed onto Mr. JS to cook some awesome lap mei farn. I guess it's a good excuse not having to cook and clean...and yet u get to nom nom chomp chomp some really awesome home cooked food :))))

NO party is complete without popping some champagnes....Mr. JS was so generous to open a bottle of KRUG for us....not just any KRUG but a rose :))))

It's March now...the sight of anymore Yu Sang or Lou Hei sends shudder to my body. We've been over doing it year after year starting from 1st January none stop all the way until end of February.

Anyhow this dinner was done in February so we were still pretty much in the month of chinese new year hahahaha. JS bought more salmon belly and sashimi the bugger with his super sharp sashimi knife from Kyoto *with his name engraved on it* -_-"

LOU AH!!!!!!
HUAT AH!!!!!!
I thought everyone would be so sick of this but surprisingly every morsel of food on this plate were gone.

Double Boiled for ages was this superior homemade fish maw with japanese scallop soup. So so yummy that everyone complained not enuff to share. Hahaha ok noted on this. Next time will boil one big pot. JS used kilos of meat and chicken to extract 8 bowls of soup only. Looks like we need a REALLY REALLY HUGE POT

To further complete our chinese new year dishes....JS prepared some crunchy prawns Abalone Har Ji Meen *oso from Hong Kong* so so yummy...definitely the best wan tan if only there's some char siew :))))))

Beautiful CS, Brian C and Sal - so color coordinated and def a coincidence :))))

Wat were they staring at until so amazed!!!!

Finally, the pipping hot clay pot lap mei farn. Aaaahhhh looking at the steam made me so hungry right now. JS boiled this from scratch on this clay pot.

The edges of the sausages were so so crispy. The fragrant of chinese rice wines hit our nose....silence ensued the dining hall and u know this was a good dish.

one helping, two helpings and again it wasn't enuff to feed all the guests....aiyayayayayaya....we underestimated this group of piranhas.

Beautiful CS and YS.
JS used a Leica lens that evening to create all these super blur pic with depth of feel *he said*

Wilbur and William
so u see the lens only focused on one person while the rest were all blurred out.

I have very strong arms....dun play play ok?
all thanks to lifting my Le Creuset pots and pans.

Very beautiful pic of Sal with the fuchsia background.
i never knew that this color is so lasting for all occasions :))))

After a hearty burpy meal she's all eppy :))))))
this is wat I call a rare smile from Beautiful CS....her eyes were usually zap-zap-ing never this soft. Wakakakakakakaka

Group pic of us after so much of FOOD and drinks
we forgot to snap pic of dessert - black sesame dumplings in ginger soup. That one was so awesome, guests were asking for 2nd helping too :))))

This lens is not good in taking group pic bcoz it's so blur!!!! esp those ppl at the side. I guess it's only meant to snap food pics huh?

Trying to play some songs under the influence of alcohols. Ppl alwiz thought u'll play better after more alcohols....hahahaha i doubt so. 

Thank you to William and Wilbur for all the beautiful lap mei...not just any lap mei but the one from Michelin starred Yung Kee, Hong Kong :)))))

Till our next dinner yea :)))))
Life is alwiz about eating, drinking and great friends :))))

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