Friday, March 07, 2014

Mount Inasa, Nagasaki

Yaaaaayyy!!! we are goin up to the highest peak of Nagasaki - Mount Inasa
It's not a very high mountain, with an elevation of only 1,093 feet *333 metres*. It is just slightly lower than Victoria's Peak of Hong Kong *1,818 feet*

We walked from the other side of the river, crossed the highway and came to this side of Nagasaki....JS my only tourist with me being the blind tourist guide just followed along accordingly to the map to the Cable Car station.

JS: "Hey we are staying at this side of the city right? across the river by the slope of the mountain??"

Yes Mr. JS, sharp eyes and coordination there, he has this built in GPS in his head. How I love love love the resort we stayed in Nagasaki. I promised myself to write and post about our vacation accommodation in the future :))))

As usual, once inside the cable car, JS booked the best-est spot inside the glass car for his photography. Oh well it didn't matter anyway coz he will be moving about inside the cable car. This was quite a good size of cable car not too small...there weren't much movement...

I recalled JS even moved about inside a tiny car of a Ferris Wheel to my horror back in Paris. Monkey was already crying and wailing at him to stop moving about inside the tiny 4 seater open air car!!!! He was bz snapping pic anyhow then. The tiny car was swaying ferociously and I didn't enjoyed my ferris wheel ride back then T_T *cry*
The Horror face once we were usual my legs turned jelly and I had to sit down at the handicapped/pregnant passengers seat

JS LOOOOVVESSSSS to capture picture of me in fear.

Soon we inched our way slowly up the mountain with a view of inns and ryokans below us. There's also larger hotels situated on this side of Nagasaki. It is from this side that you get to see the other side - the main city of Nagasaki.

Then we climbed higher....and higher...and HIGHER


Later, Monkey was forced to stand by the lookout window.....oso forced to smile by JS but it doesn't make much difference anyway coz I was wearing a mask :P

Finally we have arrived at the peak of Mount Inasa, locally known as Inasayama. There's a Glass Dome building at the top for a 360 degrees lookout of the entire Nagasaki. On a clear day, you could see as far as till Mount Unzen, another volcanic mountain retreat with plenty of natural hot springs.

You can't really erase the fear off Monkey's face. She looked like she just cried :P pfffftttttttttt

and we watched a beautiful sunset here facing the open sea. It was so peaceful and beautiful :)))

Not to mention it was very very cold too!!!! We waited until the sun has fully lights began blinking on the other side of Nagasaki, lighting up the entire city...

It was a rather foggy day, so the night pics didn't turn out too well. This spot has been famously named as "Million Dollars Night View of Japan." Later we went back to our hotel room to enjoy a similar view :)))

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