Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Back to old routine

I've been missing on hikes, runs and swims for the last few months. There's plenty of excuses, more than anything else in the world. *right now it's the haze* wuahahahaha....see!!!

so it has been work, weather, time, other commitments. My mind is so creative in digging up all sorts of reasons why I didn't have time to work out...but never have excuses for that extra portion of ice creams, or pigging myself out or perpetually stuffing my face with food. 

Right now I am working on something else and I need to have a stronger body core muscle, need to have a lighter weight but basically I need to be stronger to work on this lil project of mine.

who else could make a better trainer than Mr. JS the army commander??? He will drag Monkey up early on weekend mornings, like time after time "wake up!!!" every 2 minutes. Frankly speaking this is the worse snooze alarm clock ever...bcoz there's no STOP button. He would just walk into the bedroom and wail "wake up" on ur face.

Then it's to get ready, warm up and stretching....set the apps on to do time measure, calories measure, elevation measure, speed measure......watever shit measures.

and after months of hiatus....the first run was so difficult. I had problem catching up with JS...oh well not just JS but all the other uncles and aunties around my neighbourhood.

no joke....and I was the youngest runner in that neighbourhood. Huffing and puffing...I see other runners jogged past me...and the feeling is really terrible...shows how un-fit I am!!!! Once we were at the top of the hill, Monkey just surrendered....can't do it anymore.

My trainer Mr. JS felt guilty for leaving me behind to eat his dust....yea he runs like the Beep Beep road runner!!! Oh well, wat do u tell a man who RUNS up to Mount Kinabalu instead of hiking it and did it in a few hours? All my super fit friends took at least 1.5 days to go up that mountain.

So the guilty trainer came down from the final hill and walked me home a few kilometres.

JS: "I didn't ask to do this OK? U did!!!."
Monkey: "Yes I know....and thank you..... :)))))) for taking care of me."
I am looking forward to more runs with my commander trainer :))))

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licheng said...

You are not the only one..i ran for the first time this after hiatus since Thanksgiving in Nov, xmas hols and all the eating through CNY, man my legs were so weak. Gotta get bck into the running rhythm. We can do it!!