Thursday, March 06, 2014

Glover Garden, Nagasaki

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oh well can't blame her, she's a first born. And an aggressive first born, whom alwiz takes charge and of coz a perfectionist. Don't believe? go and do some readings on first born.

Oh while JS is the middle child who's independent and inventive *according to psychologist* Hmmmm come to think of's quite true bcoz Monkey is a social butterfly who's too busy to be home and he'll fix his own time/dinner/thing...inventive bcoz he alwiz creates and recreates food, photographies, fixtures and process flow. I like to steal his process flow and operative mind set and ideas...implement them into my career and alwiz takes charge again :P Pfffttttttttttttttttt

Glover Garden is a beautiful park set on top of the hill overlooking the entire harbour of Nagasaki. I am so in love with Nagasaki....we must and have to return here again. 

As we hiked up this hill, there's more western influence home to be admired, alongside with its westernised garden. Totally un-japanese at all.

Glover Garden was made home by Scottish merchant Mr. Glover back in 1863. Nagasaki was the most westernised city in Japan because the rest of the area is closed to foreigners. Nagasaki had their first train, first tennis court, first english tea distribution, first beer distillery, first international dockyards, wow too many first I can't really remember. All thanks to their free trade port of Nagasaki that welcomed foreigners to trade here.

It was also through trading that brought Christianity to Japan. The very first church was also built here in Nagasaki and Nagasaki became the Center of Japanese Catholicism. There was also a time when Christianity was outlawed and it had to go underground, many christians were tortured and killed and they became martyrs

There are a few residences here, all preserved in tip top condition and served as an open air museum. Each house was of heavy western influence from the rood, to the tiles used, types of marbles laid, stones, wooden venetian blinds and its chairs!!!!

This entire hills with all its residences overlook the Nagasaki Harbour. 

Finally the main house. It looked so quaint and beautiful!!!
There's a lil booth where you can rent all the traditional English dresses, hats, umbrellas, shoes, walk around and snap pic like u were back in the 17th century

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