Monday, January 31, 2011

H Billiot & Fils Champagne

Henry H made this appointment for us
at the exclusive and very very exclusive champagne maker at Ambonnay
all grand cru champagnes came fr here
even big champagne makers/house buy grapes fr Ambonnay
Ambonnay is about 30 minutes fr town centre

so our friendly cabbie whom speak nuts on English took us on an amazing journey
as we passed lil villages producing champagnes
we were speaking in different languages but understood each other very well
him in his traditional french and believe me he hasn't gone anywhere else before....

he recommended a lot of other places and things to do
and even cuisine to try out
and also some recipes on how to cook yummy french snails!!!!!! aka escargots
we didn't snap pics in the caves and tunnels and production since it was restricted
so we had a few tasting early in the morning at 10am :P
someone once told me it's never too early to pop a bottle
bcoz somewhere else around the world at that time it is already evening
H Billiot himself was there and he said hi *or more like comment sava* and again he speak no english
so the daughter Laeticia brought us around and speaks american english
*aaaa wonder why? coz they trade a lot with the americans*

H Billiot owns a very small parcel in Ambonnay
and produces no more than 4,000 cases a year
spells that u can't even buy it....
Laeticia the winemaker's daughter who runs the business now
on the background was a potrait of her when she was 18
JS wants a pic too
very seldom of him :P
the champagne maker is just at the centre of Village Ambonnay
with this landmark
it used to have natural water from the well

Much thanks to Henry H again for making this arrangement
we'll barge into your wine shop for more champagnes :P

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Unknown said...

My name is Henry Billiot and can be reached at Just thought I would reach out and look for relatives. Have a great day and look forward to hearing from you.