Monday, January 17, 2011

Alessi Pip Key ring

I saw Pip in Reims
he's so tiny and timid that the shopkeeper kept him hidden at one corner of the Alessi shop
but cute gem like this will never escape my monkey eyes
*hiak hiak hiak*
**yes I agree, I alwiz managed to dig some nice stuffs fr any shop**
designed by Frederic Gooris who worked for Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni
Gooris also designed the bag hanger that Monkey got.....*THAT cat bag hanger, click here to read*

how to use it?
twist timid mousie's head and it will detached itself fr the long LONG long tail
and hook your keys in

I lurve Pip so much that he has got his own key pouch
erm well that explains why there's so many things inside my bag :D

log on to check out for more beautiful stuffs from Alessi

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