Thursday, January 13, 2011

In room dining *by JS*

The day we came back from Burgundy, the weather decided to take a turn......yes, to our horror, it started snowing again!
BRRRRRR, that looks freezing!

Back in malaysia i always envy the countries with 4 seasons but after being in France for like one week+, i am convinced that our climate back home is more tolerable and adaptable. Infact this sort of winter is pretty harsh and how miserable it can get when it's snowing .......and TV can be quite deceiving by portraying people with happy faces and playing in the snow or white christmas with a log fire in a cozy wood cabin(yes, its nice in the cabin but not outside!!!) or people with their toboggans or skis speeding down a snow slope......Frankly I would settle for a round of golf under the hot midday sun anytime!! :)
BTW snow=ice=wet=slippery=fall down if not careful!! hence to walk on the melting snow(slush) really needs concentration if you don't want to look stupid :)
Anyway to cut a long story short, we decided unanimously to eat in for our dinner. You folks may wonder what got into our head......i mean for goodness sake, we'r in Paris the most romantic place on earth with nice al fresco dining and loads of 3 michelin star restaurants and here we are dining in room!! Frankly I think we had too many days of rich food so probably good time to gear down a bit.
Anyway Monkey, Dinos the great and me went to Le Bon Marche food dept to get some goodies for dinner and we will order some food from the hotel room service menu to make up for any shortfall.
Side track a bit......Le Bon Marche was the first departmental store in France and I must say for us this time around, it's the most visited place....haha! I blame the weather for forcing us to go indoor :)
So here's some pictures of our in room dining.
Chicken drumstick heated on the radiator of the hotel's central heating system
Lobster salad on the right and baguettes served with echire butter!
In addition we had another two salads.
not iberico but something quite exotic.
A white burgundy from domaine Leflaive's premier cru AOC of Puligny Montrachet and sub parcel of Les Clavoillon. We bought two bottles but only managed to drink one.......the story of the other bottle will only be told 10 years from now unless one of the 4 of us blurp it out >:-(
yes, Dinos the great insist on having cheese. The cheese on the far end is black truffles sandwiched in between two pieces of Brie cheese! Note the Le Thiers knife......i bought that in Reims a week ago and it did come in, to cut the cheese and uncorking the bottle of wine :)
and dessert was tangerines from Le Bon Marche.....amazingly sweet and tasty!
Note all the empty plates and bowls .......yeap....their faces says it all.......but I think i spotted a "not enuf to eat" look amongst the three of them!

On another occassion Monkey and me had room service and this was what we got.......

silky pumpkin soup served in a Le Creuset pot with a sprinkle of paprika.
Another Le Creuset pot.....Guess what's in it????
Amazing eh?? Roast free range chicken on a bed of mash potatoes with whole garlic and a couple of sprigs of thyme.....and roasted in the Le Creuset pot.
well, since i no eat chicken......i have to settle for baguette sandwiches and really i don't mind at all :)

Very impressive room service menu and even more impressive when it's served in the Le Creuset pot!

Happy reading folks.....the next post you will see will be from your favorite monkey as she will be back by Sunday. Enjoy the weekend :)


CHER-RY said...

waaahhhhh i want that garlic thyme roasted chicken on a bed of mashed french potatoes.....yum yum yum....

js said...

we need to buy that le creuset first....then maybe can replace with pork leg instead :)

CHER-RY said...

JS: that pic alwiz make me hungry. pork leg??? chicken nicer :P