Friday, January 21, 2011

Balenciaga City

this is my current most used bag
coz it can store the whole damn iPad snuggly
plus all my other peripherals

well a lady's handbag is like Doraemon's endless lil magic pocket
it has got everything a lady needs :P

acquired in Paris at Avenue Montaigne
it's the place to shop for all THE brands under one street
and we found a very nice brasserie tucked at the corner of this exclusive neighbourhood
*will blog about it another time*

Balenciaga City in soft lamb skin, color in Peony
it's soft and yet tough so I can just dump it anywhere anytime
dunnit extra care :P
with aged brass hardware and a removable shoulder strap
really...I must say the leather is as light as feather

when everyone carried Ms. Peony, they said it's heavy
after Monkey unloaded all the stuffs, including camera, iPad, coin pouch, 3 keys pouches, iPhone, chargers, makeup kit, huge wallet, 3 pens holder, misc misc misc misc misc

everyone just stared in amazement at its content :P
and's so light ppl actually condemned me for abusing such a nice bag with its content

well bags are meant to be used!!!!!
it's not big....just slightly bigger than my iPad

adore it so much~~~~
my limited number is 18350....wanna buy number? :)))))
it's a very nice number :)))))))

log on to check out more NEW colors for this season

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