Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 1st snow fall in Burgundy

think we have a gazillion pics with SNOW innit
JS vowed he will not miss snow for the next 12 years 
guess he had enuff 

so next time be careful of wat u wished for
u wanted White Christmas and u've got it
Monkey just wished to stuff her face wif good food every minute and came true too
wuaaahhahahahahahahaha *opsss let's check my waist line*

How's your midweek goin?
mine is getting more fantastic!!!!
hope all of u are having a good one too :D


neil said...

I likey this photo very much!

js said...

This was really the first snow fall in burgundy last happened on the day we went back to paris.......n pic taken on a cold frosty morning.

neil said...

The contrast of the thin sprinkle of snow on the bed of green is very interesting. I really like =P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: u want the hi res pic for your computer then? :))))

neil said...

If you don't mind sharing :P
I think it'll make a superb wallpaper for my desktop!

js said...

Will save in thumb drive and pass to you then......otherwise the original pic is about 28mB!!