Thursday, January 06, 2011

Le Jules Verne, Paris *One Michelin Star*

Je Jules Verne is one of those beautiful and fancy restaurant in Paris
what's more of its view
located on the second level at Eiffel Tower
it took Monkey 6 months ahead to book a table with the best view

started by the renowned but not my favourite 3 stars Chef Alain Ducasse
*we tried his other restaurant Spoon in Hong Kong and it was OK*

yes the best view....
with a private lift that escalates faster than my heartbeat
OMG I'm so scared of height
well the view was so totally worth the 6 months in advance thingy
well u can book 2 months in advance provided the date and table are available
well it also depends on season and day of the week
we had this dinner on a Saturday night

the private lift is at the west wing *I think*
and didn't took long for us to locate bcoz it was the only "leg" of Eiffel Tower without any queue
trust me the base of Eiffel Tower is HUGE!!!!

nope this was not our table....
ours was next to it
I couldn't bear to sit by the window....
coz it felt like my heart is at the bottom of the tower
and I can puke bcoz I'm really really scared of heights
*double blllueeeekkkkkkk*

crispy and airy cheese puffs!!!!!

there's the logo on their butter
with the "J"
oooooo me likey this!!!!
crispy and buttery and airy and full of flavour
Amuse Bouche of white beans with salmon tartare and ricotta cheese

FAT FAT white beans - it was in season
so we need to dig all the way down to enjoy the diversity of flavours, texture and also temperature

foie gras wif reduction and toast
the toast looked more of a deco hahahhahaa

souffle potato wif beef and a special sauce of cognac and truffles

this one was yummy
just pure french potatoes
another interpretation of potato crisp

turbot fish cooked in variety of winter mushrooms and seafood
dunno how the french did it...their fish is alwiz perfectly cooked

apparently it's fully booked every nite

the service here is out standing....that we will give 3 stars
wine list was so -so
food was ok
view was absolutely stunning

decos were superb
fr cutleries to linens

Mr. JS looking super tired here....
yea coz it was the same day we touched down in France after 13 hours flight
and our first nite in Paris :))))))))))))

the famous chocolat dessert

very very rich ganache
chocolate lovers would die for this
but not me

think this was like the deconstructed rum baba

and they added a dollop of freshly whipped cream with vanilla

it came with ice cream in a separate bowl

petit four of macaroons, lime tarts, madeline, choco truffles and marshmallows
think it's worth coming here at least once
ambience and service were superb
but food was just not our palate

Le Jules Verne *One Michelin Star*
Tour Eiffel
Champ de Mars,
75007 Paris, France
Tel: 01 45 55 61 44


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