Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arriving in Melbourne

pic taken during take off
Monkey couldn't sleep on board
she was so tensed
could it be the work?
or the unfinished work?
something she left at home?

Prince C: "WTF???? U travelled in comfy business class and u can't sleep?????"

yeah prollie too busy chomping on satays and my steak :P
7 hours later.....at 8am local time, we arrived
with Prince C waited patiently for us at the arrival hall.

thank God the custom didn't take long....coz the golf shoes were new
otherwise~~~~~they'll take all their might to disinfect the soil on in

Aust practiced tight measures on produces/watever u are bringin in

we even had to declare our vitamins, supplements
and oh yea my medication...but that came with a letter fr the hospital.
Prince C brought us to Altona for breakfast
at this lil Greek place called "Melissa"
yep just the two of them eating
coz I had my supper and breakfast on board :P
neat breakfast for AUD 12 = RM 36

On another note,
it's a diff scenario here...no masks
no temperature checks
no chaos
no erm....do they even know about H1N1????

am hugging my stomach now,
just got back fr Fifteen by Jamie Oliver
tomorrow - Mornington!!!

temperature at a cool 4 degrees at nite
and 15 during the day

monkey enjoying every bit
hiak hiak hiak


neil said...

What a lovely post from the Land of H1N1. :)

We over here should relax. It's just a flu, far far FAR more harmless then snatch-thieves and mat rempits! :P

See you soon, Bee Ree. Muaks~

js said...

actually more people die from dengue fever in malaysia every year or common flu in Australia every winter :)

cher-ry said...

Nee Lee: I like your analogy :)))

JS: u have the statistic? :P