Friday, June 19, 2009

Wat Rachaburana, Ayutthaya

From afar Monkey saw the "Prang"
stood high and proud
"I wanna go there I wanna go!!!"
Khun Chai our beloved tourist guide: "Yes we are on our way there."
its name Wat Rachaburana
Wat = temple
this place is more than 500 years old
from its door way at the entrance to its collapsed hall
inside the collapsed roof-less hall
it's really high~~~~~
JS: "Let's climb it!!!"
Monkey tilted her head high n surveyed the steps
OMG there's no handle no railing!!!
dun they practice safety here in Thailand????
once I was up there!!!
Wow the view was breathtaking
ppl looked so tiny down there :P
erosion over time unveiled the layers of its wall
inside there's more tunnels goin down linkin the Prang with other lil towers nearby
rows of Buddha statues lining there
but all u can see were ruins of them
one of the many chedis
more chedis
I wondered how old is that tree!!!
must be as old as this place....

Off topic:
Dinos's beloved dad passed away yesterday
May God Bless his soul.

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