Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Giusto, Bangkok

U probably be thinking why the heck are we having Italian
in Bangkok - the land full of yummy food

JS insisted that this place is a must go
Giusto was established in 2003 along the "fine dining" street
housed in a modern single story building of glass and steel
yea my just-woke-up look
i was dragged to the restaurant....
in fact I was dragged everyday halfway thru my early evening nap(s)
extremely fresh bread fr the stone oven
complimentary tomato bruschetta
italian sausage with aragula and shaved parmesan served with aged balsamic vinegar
foie gras with caramelised fresh peach
in raspberry sauce
when there's good pasta, he's one Happy Boy
Seafood pasta was really good with scampis in it
very very mediterranean and rustic
Happy Boy!!!
I ordered a MATSUZAKA beef
which was the highlight of the nite :P

Produced in Matsuzaka, Japan it is the most famous/prized beef in Japan and around the world..
came fr the VIRGIN female cow
fed with tofu and ground wheat
brushed everyday with Shoju-sprayed-combs
and taken for afternoon walk
*well in the end also slaughtered for me to eat...kekekekke*

Yea everyone thought KOBE beef was the king eh???
No!!! Matsuzaka is the Emperor!!!

almost pengsan while consuming it
so so so good
out of body experience...........
I wanna eat some more~~~~~~
hu hu hu hu hu hu hu
when u are having Italian u must have Italian wines
We were impressed that the staffs know their thing and brought out Burgundy glasses
*Even myself didn't know that this Barolo needs to be treated that way*

the way they handled wines....such delicate gentle way
can put myself to shame.
off the menu creation by JS
since we wanted to keep some space in the tummy for other Thai food later
we had fresh berries plater.

Giusto Italian Restaurant
16 Soi Sukhumvit
23 Sukhumvit Road,
Klongtoeynua, Wattana Bangkok
10100 Thailand.
Tel: + 66 2258 4321 or +66 2664 4420

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js said...

and you also get the famous world renown service with a smile :)
thailand is neighbour to some country(u know which one!!).....in general why is it so difficult to get people from that country to provide that same service with a smile?? guess if you can solve this puzzle, you are probably worth a couple of million dollars in this service industry!!
saying that i must also say that there are places here where service provided is very good too....sounds like a disclaimer....!!