Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Orchid Farm, Bangkok

this post is a continuation of the Canal Ride post
didn't expect the smiley face long-tail-boat owner to bring us
to this corner of Bangkok
as the canals got narrower till it can only fit a boat
we know we are almost at its destination
a plot of land with tonnes of orchids!!!
look at tiny me there :P
JS wasted no time and snapping pics way before I can ask him
"What is the name of this orchid?"
this last pic here was not orchid but a species of the frangipani family
nice kan? :)))))))))))))
all these orchids are for export and hotels in Bangkokthe orchid farm owner gave me some orchids to bring home
we were lucky coz this place was not meant for TOURISTS!!!
with connection fr Khun Chai, he brought us here :P
now u know it's called the long-tail-boat eh?

off topic:
I fell down last nite in the kitchen
hurt my back....swollen....bruises
now aiyah-ing like mad
dunno wat's wrong with me this suay

must go mandi bunga already

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