Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

The most iconic hotel in Singapore
dated back to 1887.
and of coz the most exp in the cosmopolitan.

Nope....I didn't stay here,
*Mr. President did*
Monkey bunked into Raffles, The Plaza.
managed by the same group.
I like their beautiful spanking white colonial columns...

Clare, my team from Taiwan told me in her strong accented mandarin-english:
"I won't lived here, bcoz I am superstitious and it look haunted."

when u know how much it'll cost,
U may wanna change your mind.
and as usual,
Monkey worked for hours prior to the opening cocktail,
deciding the placement of so many things which I dun control and beyond my jurisdiction,
from cocktail tables to candles to old trunks.
*yes I am a control queen if you don't know*

and Merci Beacoup to Fabien
french Hotel Manager who speaks english which sounded like french,
thank you for layan-ing and withstanding my "beh-tahan" attitude.
Monkey and Charlene - Ms. Whitherspoon's assistant
She wants to hold her wedding reception here!!!

"Eh!! U are only 21, boyfriend also dun have yet. Stop dreaming. Come and help me carry this."
"U spoiled my mood leh!! This place is sooooo romantic."

-_- gals......
According to her,
she wanna be like me.
I am proud and happy to hear that.

But not anymore after she told me in which aspect.

"Can u stop dreaming!!! If I am a "tai tai", do u think I have to yell and scream and work like a mad woman here??? Now go and fetch this that this that this that."
"I still wanna be like u."

I wonder wat's in Generation-Y's mind.
Ms Whitherspoon came running in her heels much later...

"-_- I finished everything dy!!! +_+"
"wuuuuu....ok ok ok ok ok ok. Let's go and pretty up."
Yeah I guess Charlene is right after all,
this is "theeeee place" to pronounce wedding vow.
esp on a beautiful afternoon.
*without rain, sun, haze*
Amy who came to collect her things and Monkey
the cocktail went well,
and as usual - it can be better.
and I was so "under-jeweled"
cept for my bling bling watch.

I wanna own another piece of Chopard!!!
I have to work like F-A-R-K,
when can I retire????
I'm so tired.

starts dreaming like CHARLENE
I wanna be a "tai tai"
*Hell no!!*

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