Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celebrating a new home

His mission: to have a good game of golf
ended: buying a new home at the golf club

and Monkey's Friday nite bcame: celebrating a new home which is not even mine.

Prince C: "We Gonna Be Neighbours :)))))))"
Monkey: >.<

whispering to JS: "Baby, why did u show him the place?"
JS: "I didn't know he'll buy on the spot."

sigh -_-

This is a conspiracy!!!
imagine two buddy staying so near to each other,
with the Malaysia's No.1 golf course right smack on their face,
everyday when they wake up.
This is not good for me
~_~ well at least there's something good for my stomach that nite,
torched toro in soyu,
which I gladly passed to the gentlemen.
Japanese snails steamed in sake and mirin,
Best SNAILS I ever had!!!!
Move over french escargot!!!!
my usual appetizer with tonnes of things I gladly passed over......
U better not pissed off hungry golfers,
just surrender your food,
whenever they are eyeing something special on your plate.
their sashimi platter,
scary yo!!!
eating like they are still in puberty.
Monkey's sashimi is so modest and yummy,
and yet THEY still wanna steal 50% outta it!!
For my grilled course,
I had grilled snapper.
My beautiful sushi platter,
and guess what I surrender??
Things I dislike: scallops and toro

Chef Ando was doin paper work that nite,
hence the chinese chef dunno wat I like/dislike.
seasonal fruits platter.
Japanese rock melon, japanese persimmon and japanese pear.

Monkey: "I bought that stopid melon fr Isetan at RM 145."
Chef: "There's this shop in Jalan Ampang. You can get at RM 120 and it's very fresh."

The above mentioned shop is beside Victoria Station,
anyone knows???? TELL ME!!!!
*My geography went down the drain after I have received Best GEO Student for SPM*
Later we adjourned out to private room for cigar,
Prince C was so happy that nite..

CEH -_-

The new place,
2009 baru siap...U wait lar..
Hopefully all the novelty will wear off by then.
Prince C gave me this Moet & Chandon's Champagne carrier,
can double up as ice bucket,
just release the zip to expand this carrier,
throw in some ice and TA-DA!!!!
Fukuya is so dark outside,
with walkways lighted with candles and bamboo trees all around.
DO NOT ATTEMPT this at home kids!!
Cigar lighter is not like match sticks ok??
It can burn your eye brow away.
*not to mention lips, nose, etc etc*
JS lurves to wear blue,
he looks fat and preggy in that color,
Me no likey.

He got the top during Tommy Hilfiger's mid season sale,
at Raffles City.
the fact that ang moh sizing is huge,
makes his shopping such a pleasure....
"I'm a size S now!!! Buy sumore!!"

Denial denial....tsk tsk.
that is why I couldn't get anything...
coz i'll be needing size XXXS

anyway Fukuya Restaurant website:

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