Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bollywood and Monkey

Good looking???
Oozing with testerone?
hmm....this pic looked like the Korean Star - Rain

Arjun Rampal
Bollywood star.
from model to actor to director..
and he's only in his 30s.

Chris da boss: "We are having lunch at Prego Restaurant. Please come down now."

Okie lunch...fine.
when Monkey was down...I saw Mr. President in his suite.
Oh shart...I looked so under dressed.

After the hello kisses and hugs,
I was informed by Mr. President
we'll be having lunch with a Bollywood star.
I thought it was a joke.
Gosh!! He's damn good looking,
after we were seated,
all the waiters and waitresses were whispering on the identity of this guest.
*actually i dun even know who he was*

But it turned out well,
coz my retarded brain which has no knowledge of anybody in Bollywood,
made the conversation so casual.
and there's no air about Arjun.
I enjoyed the lunch a lot.
no Eyes Monkey, Arjun Rampal and Sunil my colleague fr New Delhi

and I had to close my eyes on this single pic of me and Arjun!!!

the next time u have anything with Gong Li,
remember to call me ya!!!
hehehehehe....but thank u for inviting me out for this lunch and dinner with Arjun.


neil said...

no eyes monkey here is the cutest I've ever seen :D

CHER-RY said...

i thought u only like "Sky got no eyes"