Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pizza Mania

The last time we made pizza was...
*scratch monkey head*
was last year..........-_-
read bout it *here*
yes everything from scratch again...
proof the dough...made the sauce.
So much of work and took 10 minutes to chomp everything down.
Seafood pizza without any cheese,
with white wine + garlic based sauce,
topped with cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, crunchy prawns,
lastly some lemon zest and extra virgin olive oil.
I like this one better,
Pancetta with onions on homemade tomato based sauce,
topped with italian parsley and fresh mozzarella.

It makes a lot of difference using fresh mozzarella instead of those processed ones.
I like to eat them on its own with roma tomatoes and olive oil.
Both of us consumed 250g of semolina + strong flour,
mind you after the proving it's even more.
got this last month at Border's Singapore.
Jamie's latest book.
Go buy it...simple and yet good healthy food.

"Teachers in Singapore get discount when they purchase books!!"
"Yeah I know."

"I told them I'm a teacher and yet they don't give me any discount."
"Since when u are a teacher? What do u teach?"

"Hehehehe....I told them that I'm a GOLF teacher.....hahahhaa...hehehehhehe."

Folks...keep your receipts when you purchase books & magazines.
for tax purpose of coz........hahahaha.

Who knows maybe that small 700 bucks allowance may save you from entering
a higher % bracket.

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