Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I've alwiz wonder.....
that I alwiz have it my way,
and never the highway.

Why is that...
You'll give me anything,
practically everything,
Sometimes makes me wonder,
"Am I spoilt?"

Why is that...
You've alwiz been there for me,
and will still be,
despite your crazy schedule and travels.
*and lately buka puasa with biz associates*

Why is it that,
I get to choose where do we go,
where do we dine,
what do we eat,
what to buy,
well.....almost everything.

You do know how to treat me and spoil me,
nurturing and encouraging me....
even when I am PMS-ing,
you can still be so calm and pampered me.

watching comedies have never been your choice,
but you can still hang on to your life and nerves,
for the next 2 hours,
asking me how stupid can it be?
why like this?
It's a comedy, don't think so much....

I know you are deprived of certain food,
coz I hated them,
and banned it at home.
but it's ok I guess....coz there's no 2 legged feathery poultry
quacking and pok pok-ing....
just bcoz u don't eat them but I DO!!!

Why that....
You've never minded at all,
how bitchy I can be at times,
or spending more time at work than with you,
or indulging in unhealthy lifestyle.
*having ice cream everyday is unhealthy according to him*

Why that...
Whenever I threw tantrums at things beyond my ctrl,
you handled me so well,
even though the steam coming out from my head
can scald anyone within the radius.

It's a wonder how come I never threw tantrums at you,
bcoz you are perfect,
that there's no room for mistakes,
and you never allow any errors at all.

You hated furry animals,
coz they tend to irritate and itch your sensitive nose,
but you gave in finally....after much hesitation,
that I can have ONE furry animal, *YESSSSSSSSSSSSS*
which will take away all my attention from you,
and continuously itching and irritating your nose.


Then I found the answer.

after you told me yesterday,
that I am always....
your first priority in your life.

PS: made me cried for the first time in our life together.


Bry™ said...


neil said...

congrats!!! looking forward to your white fur, pink eyes and pink ears :D

licheng said...

so touching! so when's it coming? :D

CHER-RY said...

I will only be getting my rabbit once our new place is all done up - Feb 2009.

will definitely invite all of you to the christening of my new rabbit.

Thanks folks!!!