Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Au Jardin Restaurant, Singapore Botanic Garden

Lurve Lurve Lurve this place.

Tracie & Lawrence : "It's sooooo romantic!!!"
and they went lovey dovey.

On the other hand, the corporate pair went....
JS & Monkey: "Wow, good for events. We can have cocktail here, build the stage there. Yup and also the-after-party over here. Guests can yada yada yada yada....
We were so un-romantic. It's all about work.
Killed their romanticism.
gotta lurve their chandelier, we were seated privately on a private balcony.
According to Lawrence,
This is the place to pop everything!!!!

1) Pop the champagne
2) Pop the question
3) Pop the ring

while JS & Monkey went: "Yeah and pop the credit cards too!!!!!"
confirmed we were so un un un-romantic.
I guess we spoilt their lovey dovey environment.
my appetizer comes with a green apple + pineapple shooter
hmm...sounds familiar,
like wat I've been drinking every morning.
JS had pan seared scallops with parma ham and porcini
I opt for fresh oysters done in 3 ways:
- chardonnay
- kumbu jelly
- daikon
very very fusion of jap + french
He had dunno wat crab ravioli with truffles *yikes I hate truffles*
Monkey had baked *or was it grilled??* fresh bamboo clam the size of my hand
U can't have Grand Cru everyday don't ya?
confirmed I am spoilt!!!
gotto lurve their crispy
for his main,
he had seared blue fin tuna
and I had a superb pigeon with roasted beet root
Folks....dun be scared..those are not blood..
it's the beetroot juice.
and we ordered another bottle....
this is wat we called: courtesy
esp when you are bringing a bottle on your own,
it is a silent rule that you must also buy something from their cellar.

If everyone starts bringing their own and got charged only the corkage,
who's gonna bear the cost of maintaining their cellar,
and their sommeliers?
also in appreciation of their selection of their wines.
JS had a super nice chocolate dessert,
with the chocolate sauce oozing out in the centre,
and Movenpick pistachio ice cream.
I stole all his ice cream.
My dessert is really special
those yellow balls = mango
white ice cream = creamy coconut ice cream
unidentified fiber at the bottom = sweet pomelo
and I went into an ecstasy trance,
when they poured a thick sweet mango juice over it.
WAHHHH my favourite!!!!!
Until everyone start stealing my dessert.
I lurve this a place a lot,
with a walkway through the botanical garden before you reach the restaurant.
they even have a buggy if u are too lazy to walk.
"Au Jardin" means "in the garden" in french
with all the greenery downstairs.
and balconies *it's an old Brit colonial bungalow*
Au Jardin is run by my fav restaurant Les Amis

Au Jardin
EJH Corner House
Singapore Botanic Garden Visitor Centre,
Cluny Road,
Singapore 259569.
Tel: 65 6446 8812
*Strictly reservation only*

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