Friday, November 02, 2012

Monkey, JS, Berr, Labbit & Sheep Sheep are away.....

File pic.....tee hee hee

oh yes...beware...Monkey is invading Paris soon
if anything happens in Paris, anywhere around France, Madrid, Seville and Andalusia...u'll know why
coz we are in town!!!!
for a month

apart fr that I can tell you there will be a Big Strike in Spain on 14th November
that's definitely not my doing :P

so folks, we'll try to update and blog from over there
but if u are just too bored with nothing to read...
u can still re-walk our past adventures by *clicking here*

in the mean time, stay sane, stay healthy and be good
Over and Out!!!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation and shopping in Paris!! Have a nice trip.. ;-)

Christine said...

Have an awesome trip with JS, Berr, Labbit & Sheep sheep...Shopping!! FooD!!!

CHER-RY said...

Thank you ladies!!!! :)))))