Friday, November 30, 2012

Some cute signages that I saw

sometimes the difference in culture and languages give different meaning in words
the moment we touched down at Madrid airport from Paris, we were changing from Bonjour to Ola

searching for an exit...we switched from Sortie *French* to Salida *Spanish*
but before we can get our asses out from the airport we need to retrieve our luggages and this was what I saw
Cinta = Loading belt

Yes I know u very "Cinta" me but where's my luggage????
it took some time for it to make its grand appearance with me breathing a heavy sigh of relief

then I google-ed translate the word Cinta
it also means Band, tape, cassette, headband, film, ribbon

As we were traveling down south to Andalusia by train, JS and Monkey were joking
JS: "They said no pasar here, means no operating your goreng pisang nasi lemak etc stalls here"
hahahahha oh my, u were's so clean!!!!!

Pasar = cross, skip, go, pass

But the best culture and language and word reference indifference happened in Seville
Monkey: "Hablas ingles???"
Waiter: "uhhh a little bit...."
Monkey: "Okie buen. Agua minerale sin gas uno botella."
tried to sound her best in spanish which she learnt during the 2 hours Plane ride
but totally failed dot com
however Monkey managed to order yummy good food all the time
worse to worst just describe with hand gesture, finger pointing and sounds mimicking a certain animal. Yeah now u laugh but it works every time in ever single country.

so.....the story was...we saw some really huge ass Langoustine on display
the size of my hand + wrist + palm
price goes according to kilos and it was about Euro 140 per kilo. We ordered 3 huge ass ones
before it goes onto the grill, the waiter put the fresh seafood onto a stainless steel plate to show us

out game 3 huge ass TIGER PRAWNS

Monkey and JS were in horror
"Langoustine!!! not gambas!!!"

Waiter then was ku-li-ku-lu in spanish which we totally don't understand and being smart enough to know that Langoustines don't emit any sound, hence I can't mimick its sound to give him the correct animal or seafood...watever -_-

I'm hungry....go to the kitchen and show him wat we want!!!

Finally, JS did wat needed to be done
ku-li-ku-lu waiter then came to me: "senora!!! ku-li-ku-lu ku-li-ku-lu CIGALAS!!!!"
ok ok ok I got's called Cigalas not Langoustine

how would I know the same thing in France is Langoustine and in Spain it's cigalas
and u call your prawns langoustine
and u call your shrimp gambas

later....when asking for recommendation on dessert
Waiter: "Ku-li-ku-lu ku-li-ku-lu"
Monkey: "What was that???"

Waiter: "it saaaa a bacon from heaven....from the sky..."
it doesn't sound like an interesting dessert at all -_-

whatever I'll just try your bacon from heaven bestowed by your angels, trust me u'll be surprised by its bacon from heaven kekekekekeke
will post about this place's fun to travel and learn new things from locals. really fun and hilarious :))))))

I promised myself I will download a translator the next time we go to Spain


LianneK said...

my hubby love taking photos of all these nostalgic words/graphics too during travel .. it is one of those things that are priceless! lol on spanisih ... i wanted to pick up the language until i learned that speaking spanish means you have to use a lot a lot of words just to describe something very simple - not a very efficient language kekeke so i gave up! lol

CHER-RY said...

Hi Lianne, how have u been? Your hubby has got a really interesting hobby, I've only snapped hilarious ones for remembrance :P

yup, u were right about the language....arriba arriba andale andale~~~~my first spanish fr the cartoon Speedy Gonzales :P