Friday, November 16, 2012

Chef Yuichi Kamimura for Cilantro

Chef Kamimura is a friend of Chef Kimura and was flown in for a special 3 nite dinner
currently based in Niseko, Japan....Chef Yuichi Kamimura worked for the famous Tetsuya in Sydney before relocated back to his own country.

We were very lucky to secured a table *private room* to enjoy and savor his creation
never before Cilantro Restaurant has done this kind of format - a collaboration with another chef

once all the hungry guests were seated.....dinner started with a simple, clean, fresh oyster
just to whet our appetite :))))

Hokkaido ocean trout with cumin
this was presented so beautifully with some fish roe

according to Dr. Epicurean, after his feedback and input the nite before....the food has became even more outstanding
yeah he had the same menu for 2 nites in a row
so I can imagine any restaurant establishment would be so stressful to have him as a client :P

Salad of Kegani with broccoli and dash jelly
kegani is a Hokkaido hairy crab, those with long legs

the meat was pretty creamie hence it was paired with fresh ingredients like the tip of the broccoli and even fresher dashi stock jelly :))))

Seiichi San and MW Maho
if this japanese couple said it's good...then it's really GOOD

we met them at Dr. Epicurean birthday dinner a few months ago
relocated from Tokyo, Malaysia is now their 2nd home

Ducks consommé with Foie Gras Ravioli
this one was really really really awesomely good
*smacks lips*

see I wasn't lying...if Seiichi San enjoyed his consommé this way, it's that yummy
Poached Buri with Gribiche sauce and japanese herbs
this one I didn't really fancy but everyone said it was good
perhaps it was or maybe I don't really fancy fish being poached bcoz of the fishiness or maybe just maybe it was the herbs that they used???
Grilled scallop with clam risotto
all those nitrogen freeze-d powder there were prepared in Japan and brought here for this special dinner
White = truffle
Green = parsley
Orange = carrot
Confit of chicken with sautéed vegetables
believe it or not? this simple dish with crispy chicken skin and soft moist chicken was my favorite dish
all the chicken-awesomeness were power-packed in this dish

Prince C & JS
guess who didn't have chicken? hahahahahhaaha
bcoz it was so good....JS actually had chicken!!!!!!

notice the plaster on his finger??
accident in the kitchen :P and nope I definitely didn't bite him
according to him, it was his 1st accident where he cut his finger + hand while opening a bottle of wine
that bottle better worth the pain man :P
Chef Yuichi Kamimura served Roasted amy with potato puree
it must be his speciality
I was waiting for mine to be served but out came.....
Chef Takashi Kimura's famous beef.....nyek nyek nyek
they were so thoughtful to served me beef
bcoz I am not a lamb person

Chef Yuichi Kamimura is quite young
and nope he doesn't look serious like this all the time
just managed to capture this one and only serious pic of him

Most of the time, he's a Happy Man like this

and like this....

when Dr. Epicurean is talking to him
coz Dr. Epicurean is very serious about his food, he continuously contributes feedbacks whenever wherever he dines
Cooking for him is stressful~~~~~~
we had a beautiful excellent La Romanee with the main course
so beautiful that a bottle wasn't enough to be shared

I-Ching & Prince C drove all the way from Ipoh for this dinner
it's the school holiday then, and the children tagged along
nope, they were not at the dinner but at home.....I dun think Cilantro accept kids
do they?

Chef Takashi Kimura & Chef Yuichi Kamimura

Finally a warm Ivory Chocolate with ice cream
guess who enjoyed this the most???

in fact everyone did....
but the one who had double portion was none other than Prince C

the guys
after a happy meal :P

Chef Takashi, JS, Chef Yuichi, Wine Lord ST, Dr.Epicurean
so stuffed someone had to hugged his tummy!!!!

I lurve this pic...
look at Chef Takashi!!! hahahah so cute

our petit four
it was then that JS had to go around showing everyone including the CHEFS pics of his homemade candle -_-"
*we are in France and def gonna lug some canele moulds home*

think we didn't have enuff
coz someone ordered this, u know who....those Carbo KingssssSSSsssssss

then Dr. Epicurean asked Monkey: "U still want more beef?"

never mind that we had our dessert and petit four 
when the beef is so good, we dun mind a repertoire
so out it rolled...plates and plates of yummy beef for everyone
and yes we wolfed them down again :)))))

yes we wolfed them down like this
and when I checked my watch, it's midnite
so technically these 2 last repertoire were meant for supper

Wines for the evening
Did we only have those????
2 bottles of champagnes
3 whites
4 reds
2 dessert wines
the bottle wrapped with a blinding socks was the La Romanee :)))))
MW Maho sat next to Monkey and I got a lot of blinding notes from her
she's pursuing her Master of Wines now
hahahahahhahahaha looked so reluctant to smile
Monkey was bitching about JS to Chef Takashi
"Look at his mise-en-place!!!!! thank gawd he never make me prepare them~~~~~"

I can't remember what time it has to be so late that even the specially flown in assistant chef of Chef Kamimura joined us for "supper"

"After-hours" discussion with chefs
I can see that Wine Lord was half asleep there~~~~~~
then we caught him "recharging" at the cigar lounge

I know.....both of us were so tipsy
we continued to drink until we were chased outta the restaurant
hahahaha no....they didn't chase us out
they almost had to wheel us out bcoz we were all FAT and HEAVY after the yummy dinner
Cheers to the 2 great chefs
it was really an awesome dinner injected with a lot of passion into ingredients, techniques and finesse. 


Chasing Food Dreams said...

wahhhh... I really must make a vist to Cilantro....and soon....

Japanese chefs are just so meticulous and details! really salute to them...

Jason said...

looks like a fab nite! btw, may i ask where do you get the sleeve that wrapped the bot? looks cool!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: u must visit soon :)))

Jason: hello there, we got it in one of the wine shop in Beaune, France. Very good for blinding wines :)))