Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain

even the mention of this name sounded so noble and grand
indeed it was a grand ancient city

only 27 minutes by high speed train from Madrid, Segovia is not to be missed
and once we arrived, the huge and great aqueduct greeted us :))))
It was my first...
I've seen aqueduct on the tele and books but not like right smack on my face
it's HUGE!!!!!

makes u wonder how the heck they stacked the huge slab of stones on top of each other for kilometers and kilometers
and it's not only about stacking stones....aqueduct transports WATER, the source of life from the mountain to the town centre
so not only it must hold itself....it is also the only water supply for the people in the ancient city
Built in the 1st century with no machinery and computers to do all the calculations
it looked pretty perfect to me
and still standing tall until today :))))))

I will do a separate posting on the ancient city of Segovia

In the mean time, yep we are still traveling *with the hobbits of coz*
and dearie JS been bz snapping beautiful pics for your eyes


Chasing Food Dreams said...

cannot wait for JS pics.... I m so feeling the romance in the photos... ;)

CHER-RY said...

ok ok we hope we won't disappoint :))