Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From the Vine to the Glass

We have been visiting champagne for the past 3 years
every year at the foot of the 800 years old Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims, Monkey will bid farewell bcoz I've alwiz thought....I won't be here for the next many many years to come?

and every time 12 months later, I found myself standing at the foot of the 800 years old cathedral looking at it, in awe.

Visiting Champagne had alwiz been great joy for us
not so for the drinking *ok ok ok drinking is JOY too*

we were more intrigued by the grape growers, wine and champagne makers
it's a very very educational process in every single visit to every single maker
each has its unique terroir, style, blending, methodology, principles and believes.

Getting an appointment may seem easy, only for commercial maker but not for artisans
in this case, we needed all the help from reputable wine merchants cum FRIENDS with BENEFITS

Took this pic from the wall outside Vincent Laval's home
another true champagne artist

because each and every of them is so unique, I will do separate posting about each and every visit we have....from growers who produce 30,000 bottles each vintage to those in millions

*Moet & Chandon mass produced about 35 million each year and this number is still under-rated*
for JS, this is his playground

on a separate note....wat nonsense it has become...
he lost 4kg from this trip and I've gained 3kg
I soooooo hate my metabolism rate

am not gonna look at my scale anymore for the time being coz it's so depressing especially the thought of us travelling again soon and me stuffing my face with FOOOOODDDDD

JS been already looking for jobs here in Champagne
yea he offered himself for free in return to be able to work on the vineyard and for free drinks
-_-" x 1000000000000
it's tough job
when everyone thought all the hardwork happens during the winemaking..
in actual fact 70% of the work is out there....with the soil and the plant
and if you are a bio-dynamique has got to do with cosmo....
the positioning of the stars the moon and planets...*OMG where is pluto now???*

People said it's crap but I'm a believer
they say if u believe in Biodynamic you cannot believe in Science
and if you believe in Science you cannot CANNOT believe in Biodynamic

to me Biodynamic is science, just because we the human race can't find any answers for that yet
doesn't mean it's not happening
Whatever you believe in, as long as it works and yield the results u wanted then practice it

Happy Wednesday there folks
We alwiz strived to be happy for one can only find joy in happiness

watever you are seeking today, I hope you will achieve it :)))))

If you are still looking for more reads,
u can *click here* for the previous visits we did in Champagne


Chasing Food Dreams said...

You sound by 'Scientific' today... :P

I like the pic the 2nd pic of JS in the vineyard and the gorgeous large grapes pic...

How is it possible for him to lose weight while travelling????? lol...

JS.. pls share your secret if any...

js said...

Walk(a lot sightseeing), run, climb staircase instead of using escalator, etc.
DON'T take bus, metro, taxi, escalator, etc.
eat less carbo. Go or meat, fish and vege. "Budget" yr daily intake of food viz a viz the exercise u r getting.
Sounds easy? :))

js said...

Btw all you readers out there, Artisan cellars started their biz in kul. You can now get artisanal champagne in kul!
E. mail:-
Tel nos:- +60102988891

Chasing Food Dreams said...

wah.. thks for sharing yr secret JS! ok ok.. I have to prepare myself for that... @_@...