Thursday, November 01, 2012

Monkey-ing at work

Monkey & Beautiful CS at work
yes this was at work
on a comfy bed with down feathers duvet...think there were a total of 6 pillows
yesssssss this was really at work

we were at a photoshoot.....
with this almost Mannequin-liked male model
who received instructions like a dummy
yeah u just need to tell him to move left right tilt head one step ahead bend down chin up etc


Mannequin was really in a he didn't wanna be here....
he was sooooo at a Star-Wars-Galaxy-distance away that there was no connection with the Female model

while Female Stick model was so tired...she almost fainted in the suite
probably malnourished.

yeah I think too low in sugar.....but we fed them with Mcdonalds!!!

they must be cursing..
hell woman!!! u know wat I've got to go through to obtain this stick figure and here u are feeding me with plastic food laden with FATS and CALORIES

The ladies took turn to have a picca with Oreo Nij
Oreo Nij is now based at the hotel
he has grown so so so so so much
okie not sideways...but grown up a lot physically and mentally

now these 2 mothers felt like old haggards next to him


File pic fr ages ago....can't remember which year
when Oreo Nij was still a boy
now he's a man :P
in fact he was in the top 50 CLEO most eligible bachelor this year

Oreo Nij: "I win!!! I'm the cutest and the most adorable guy here."
oh yea yea yea...I alwiz let u win coz u r a young and innocent and naive boy then
kekekekekekkeke *or so I thought*

Thank you for making our afternoon bearable throughout the hours and hours of photoshoot
enjoy ur work there as a hotelier

now that u no longer play with Oreos
*u won't wanna know wat he do with them*
perhaps I should change ur nick from Oreo to Hotelier Nij
wat say u?

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