Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Andalusia, Spain

Never cross my mind that we will be Andalusia....but we did :)))
crossing the country from west to east in Southern Spain was a beautiful journey
like a postcard pictures for hundreds of miles
olives tress, persimmon trees, orange and lemon trees, vegetables plantations, maize, cotton tree and so many other pretty plants
it was fun guessing what were there :P

so our journey goes down to South of Spain to Seville and stayed at the most fabulous hotel ever
*ever ever ever*
okie I will do a separate posting on this historical fabulous beautiful hotel :)))

visited the world most gothic cathedral, where Christopher Columbus tomb is
and had a run around the most preserved Bull Ring
*yes u got it, I ran with my hands on my head depicting horns of a bull charging*
**well I really dun care what other visitors are thinking but I had an amazing time :D**

drove to the Sherry producing province and had sherry tasting
walked through 2,600 barrels of sherry aging with music on the background
*yes they put on music bcoz happy sherry needs happy sounds to age happily and produce excellent sherry*

then off to the river mouth in Sanlucar de Barrameda where Ferdinand Magellan set sail to find the New World back in 1519. As though we haven't had enough of history, we headed down south to Cadiz a beautiful small town with a star shaped fortress by the Ocean
Berr, Sheep Sheep & Labbit watched sunset on top of the fort facing the Atlantic Ocean
don't think I've seen the Atlantic Ocean yet
there's alwiz a first :)))))

not as ambitious as Magellan our lil "expedition" then headed East to find the beautiful Palace built by the Nasrid Dynasty in the middle of 10th century
the said palace is Alhambra :))))))
*i am sure u've learnt this in history*
looked like something out of 1001 Nights or the Arabian nights
right? right right right???

I felt like an Arabian princess with a veil on her face walking through the Courts of Lions
the entire palace has got fountains and water features everywhere
it sure felt at peace with the sound of water trickling all the time
aaaAAaaaaaa we lived the life of royals for a few hours...kekekekeke

so our journey has yet to end
we are heading back to Paris for *u know what*
and of coz more museums visit
will keep u guys posted :))))


Food Dreams said...

I just adored the pic of Berr, Sheep Sheep & Labbit!! makes me feel so happy family enjoying the gorgeous view... ;D

licheng said...

Amazing! stuff we learnt about this place in history in form 2??

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: tee hee hee...yes one happy family :)))

Kindy Chai: u actually remembered it was form 2????