Monday, July 23, 2012

Sexay Back turning 21!!!!

Sexay Back Maggie trying to give Sal a pucker
yep when u turned 21, u behave like one :P

as alwiz, it's an all-gals partay at first before our caretaker aka Macho Mani came and again took care of us :)))))))))))))
where do u find such husband???
earlier for dinner, we congregated at El Meson
a Spanish restaurant in Bangsar
when it comes to spanish cuisine it's all about oink pink porkie!!!!
more porkie!!!! this was actually chinese style roast pork
coz the spaniard does it a different way, which I don't think Malaysians will like it
they dunno how to crisp and puff up the skin like chinese do....this includes Italians....
*Read about the Spanish styled suckling pig we had in Barcelona*
Devigaga who flew all the way from Legoland in her Lego plane
seriously, she flew all the way back to KL from Johor Bahru
Hope everything is goin fantastic and that the Lego-man there rawks your heart and soul
I really look forward to the grand opening of Legoland
then we headed to GariBar a few steps away from El Meson
Chef Andrea was really sweet and prepared true Italian styled tiramisu in shot glasses
if u've been to Italy, u'll be surprised at how soft a real tiramisu should be
and not what we usually get here in KL
that's why it's called pick-me-up!!!

he later hushed me into the cellar and showed some really private collection
"oh-la-la!!! a 1982 Mouton Rothschild???"
Chef Andrea: "yup...It's heading to China next week, I just wanna show u before it's gone."

nope 1982 isn't any of our years :P
too young for me and definitely too old for chef.
Sexay Back Maggie happy happy with her "cake"
okie another year younger....please be a good gal and behave!!!!
in fact, she's been a great gal and so well behaved
we are so so so proud of her :)))))))))))
she had a gazillion of wishes to make
but judging from her face, it has to be something really true and sweet
and nothing of material-thing-sort
Chef Andrea gave the birthday gal a kiss
in fact not one kiss but 2 kisses
Sexay Back....u wait for your hen's nite ok???
We are gonna make u kiss all the men in the bar instead of men giving u kisses
wuahahahahahaa...go home and practice your puckers~~~~

She just got engaged a few months ago
and the proposal was extremely romantic and one of the kind
when I heard it, I was so so overwhelmed :"))))
if JS can say man like Shy Chatwin is's really RARE!!!!
no Birthday is complete without thrashing the birthday gal!!!
Sexay Back Maggie has became such a goodie gal that she needed help to finish her AK47
so Sal to the rescue!!! Sal was very sweet too, she rushed from work to the partay

Sal: "I need to drink to de-stress.....I have 40 pages to write before the magazine can go on print!!!"
"Okie there u go!!" and passed her to straw for her to finish the AK47
Sal being a perfectionist did finish her 40 pages in 48 hours time :))))
Sexay Back Maggie & Monkey
she looked pretty stoned already
Monkey was the designated driver, picked her up from her home and alzheimer me, missed her house...coz I went to the wrong row searching for the wrong house.
while birthday gal was waiting for me at her gate
very very sorry :P

Later early in the morning, it was Hot Mama Thevi who sent her home safely to Shy Chatwin
with the bday gal snoring away in the car
well at least she puke everything out before she got into your car
I guess the key is to have plastic bags in the car all the time!!!! I'm gonna do that soon to my car

Hope you enjoyed the outing babe!!!
love u heaps :)))))))

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