Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My canteen.....Sage

Carpaccio of Hiramasa Fish with caviar my favourite starter in Sage
Peakie D referred Sage as my canteen
and now who's the one enjoying her sea urchin tempura in Tokyo???
syiok giler

I need to re-plan my trip to Japan
and it has to be during summer in order to climb Mount Fuji
arghhh so many places to go and so lil time
and as for JS he doesn't really have the time to go to so many places with Monkey

when Monkey planned her own personal trip, JS sulked
and commented that I'm not giving him "moral support" in his life
"Of coz I m giving you moral support my love. I totally understand that you are bz and can't be with me......."
JS: "hmmm Okie good that you understand my predicament :)))))))))))))"

"That's why, I've planned my own trip and will travel on my own. You don't have to worry anything at all."
JS: ">.< do u know that's the worst moral support ever??????? Sob sob sob sob sob sob~~~~"
Monkey continued to pat pat JS's back as he continued to sulk

the other favourite was the cold somen with smokey sous vide abalone
hmmm somehow this dish wasn't as tasty as it used to be on that evening
I eat this dish all the time, its taste and texture is embedded at the back of my head and on my tongue

the other favourite and must have appetizer is the wagyu beef consomme
where thinly sliced fatty wagyu beef are served before the hot yummy broth at being poured out to "cook" the beef
truly comfort food

all the above 3 is highly recommended and since I can't finished all 3 appetizers on my own the trick is to "influence" ppl to order so u get to steal food fr your table-mates
hua hua hua hua hua
Wagyu beef done medium, beautifully pink and its juices still concealed in between the marbling of fats

I just lurve my meat so much, don't think I can give it up
especially with a good bottle of wine...forgot to snap pic of JS's "treasure" which he found inside his cellar...
his cellar is definitely 100000x worse than my wardrobe, bags-robe and shoe-robe...

coz at least all my walk-ins are color coded and according to functionality
dresses/tops/skirts/pants/homewear/sportswear/evening gowns/winterwear/casual/beachwear
clutches/totes/hobos/satchel/messenger/sling/bucket bag/bowling bag/evening bags/duffels
knee high boots/ankle boots/ flats/ 5"heels/ 5.5" heels/ 6"heels/platforms/sandals/strappy heels/pumps/peep toes/ sports shoes

at first when we shifted into the new place, his wines were arranged according to countries, then region, then appellation then maker and vintage

now it's all sitting in crates that I dunno wat's wat...
if only there's a Ctrl + F button where I can type in and search for that particular bottle
somehow JS knows where to get that bottle he needed at a particular time.
*rolls eyes*
this is wat I called "organised mess and chaos"
yummy dessert of Berries with Sabayon
sorry I took a chunk of bites before I snapped a pic :))))))))))

I'm not a really a dessert person
so a simple one will do for me....
though Sage serves quite elaborate dessert on its menu - from creme brulee to souffle to parfait

oh canteen
it's definitely not a canteen OK

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar
Level 6 The Gardens Residences,
Midvalley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2268


Food Dreams said...

I just cannot get enough of the first pic... so pretty!

You both prob need a bigger house soon with all yr 'treasures'.. ;)

CHER-RY said...

yes Food Dreams, the first pic just make one so happy by looking at it :))))

the current house is sufficient enuff, any bigger I will need 2 live-in maids