Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Breakfast at S.Wine

Swine or S.Wine?
but with the pic of a cute piggie there, it has to be Swine :P
moreover this lil cafe was attached to the non-halal aka PORK department inside Ben's Grocer

Ben's Grocer is located in Publika - the new place to be seen etc
2 years ago, when we started coming to this place...there was nothing
and it was so barren, with nothing to eat.
We came here almost every weekend then to complete the masterplan of our kitchen from Bofi
Due to the popularity of Publika, rental has increased and I think Bofi is moving out bcoz of that :P

Pigs in a blanket = mini sausage wrapped with crispy bacon
Swine offers everything from head to tail of a piggie
the menu is pretty extensive inclusive of sandwiches like crispy roasted pork belly sandwich with apples and aragula *sounds good?*
or main course such as hainanese pork chop
even if u want "Siew Yoke" aka Chinese Roast Pork, they have it
local delicacies - pork satays and DongPo meat are also on its menu
JS ordered their best seller of English Fry Up breakfast
it came with a glass of fruit juice *no, not the tall one* and a cuppa of coffee of your choice
now, that tall glass of pineapple juice was mine :)))
is that an elephant they made on my cappucino???
ohhh Berr would love this!!!!
JS said it looked like mushroom instead -_-
hmm I think it looked like the male anatomy :P
but according to an Artisan Coffee Barista, this one was a failed design >.<
watever u want it to be it's your call

Off Topic:
I have yet to enroll myself into the Artisan Coffee Lesson!!!!
who wanna join me???

The English Fry Up
with the usual ham, aragula pork sausage, button mushrooms, baked roma tomaotes, free range eggs,
ciabiatta toast with butter and their homemade baked beans
the baked beans was really awesome!!! coz it's homemade with ham hock
really awesome, fatty and sinful :D

If u asked me why is he so serious? this is his normal face
even cracking peppers onto his meal can be so so intense >.<

hahahhahaha wanna know how he drills his staffs?
afterall his nickname in the office is Terry the Terrorizer :P

my Eggs Benedict
Hello!! Good morning Monkey!! Are u gonna dig out my eyes and eat me???
Look at the thickness of the Baked Ham!!!!!

Now...I m gonna poke ur eyes and gonna chomp u down!!!!!
lurve how the english muffin soaked up all the yolkie goodness :))))))))))
come to MOMMA!!!!!
I was bz snapping pic as the yolk flows and JS asked if I am gonna eat it or not

Ages ago....ppl used to tilt their head down, palms together and say prayers before they eat
every religion does that
but according to the Religion of Photography, u let the food cam-whore a bit and the camera will feast and ogle at its first, before we human can touch it
hiak hiak hiak
Monkey in action!!! not like u never seen before :P

JS took this pic to remind me, if I keep on eating like this...my face gonna turn into the piggie's thigh
hehehehe HAM!!!!
I like ham...
afterall our house is known as HAM house

Off topic:
a friend asked her kids if they wanna join the adults for a dinner invitation at Monkey & JS's home
kids can't remember which uncle auntie was this....all they asked was
"Mommy, are we goin to dine at the Ham House?"
>.< even their mommy was ALAMAK!!!!
yeah her kids have got exquisite taste...coz the Ham they mentioned was Iberico Ham which we hand-carried from Spain....good life kids these days have :)))))))))))

Swine offers affordable eats considering the quality of its food
but the Ben Grocer supermarket failed a bit...bcoz they don't really carry the ingredients needed for most food connoisseur used. Especially its pasta selection, they are still selling the commercial normal ones. Also they don't have Buttermilk - which is so essential for pancakes/french toast/desserts/cooking/etc. However the other SKUS were 70% pretty much there. :))))) Their spices and fresh herbs offerings were complete!!! bravo!!!!

S.Wine Cafe
Ben's Independent Grocer,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 6209 1716


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Like this place! Love their Hainanese Pork Chop and one of their pasta. My pulled pork burger was also yummy!! :)

CHER-RY said...

wahahahaha you are like their walking advertisement!! :)))))
looks like this place = a regular hangout for u huh? :)))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

what to do... I love pork and this place is near where I live... ;D

licheng said...

Definitely my kinda place :D pork any time!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: hahahah yea oink oink
Kindy Chai: I'll bring u here when u r back but then again there's so many things to eat in ur list? U better start making ur list for ur year end trip here...hahahaha