Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo shoot with Axian

He looked so different rite?
the stylist and editor styled him to be more metrosexual
removed his black framed glasses
gel up his hair and made them spikier
dressed him in Paul Smith

and Ta-Da

I have to look twice to make sure that's him
hahahahaa wat a difference
see what "styling up" can do to a person
anyway I still prefer Axian in his geeky black framed glasses
in his usual casual wear

He's very sweet to work with and very down to earth
this was the FIRST TIME that the personality arrived EARLIER than the CREW!!!!
when we reached the destination, Axian was already waiting with his manager/publicist
and they were 15 minutes early!!!!

I threw a shocked look at Editor
Editor threw me a shocker look back at me
then I whispered....."We are late"
Editor: "gah!!! Cherry, don't stress me...I have 1001 things to do now...set the location, lightings, makeup and styling!!! GAH!!!!"

"I can help you :)))) I LOVEEE to help ppl."
The editor who knows me damn well threw me slitted eyes look....
"No u sit still here and don't touch anything..."

okielor...yeah I m notti Monkey
can never sit still nor NOT touch anything on the set :P
Axian said photo shoot is so much more difficult than videography
1) he can't talk nor be himself
2) he can't look directly into the lens
3) he needs to follow stylist directions on facial expression
4) it just takes so long to shoot 2 photos!!!! yeah it took us 2.5 hours to do just 2 picture spread for a magazine
5) he can't devour all the yummy food right in front of him

yeah the last one was a killer bit
the whiffing smell of all the food on the table...
I was gawking at it....*stomach kluuu kluuu*

despite it took half day of my working time *plus travelling time*, I really did have fun with the crew
the crew were such darlings to work with and I luffed like a hyenna the whole afternoon. they even escorted me to my car!!!

all in a day's work
another photo shoot this Thursday *I hope the crew is nice and friendly and EFFICIENT*I better bring along some work by my side, just in case it's gonna take the whole afternoon again.

Happy Tuesday!!!
ermm well since when Tuesday is a happy day but nvm...I'm gonna make it happy.
heeeeeeeeeee :)))))))))))))


Melissa said...

I see Axian as a simple and casual guy. He should be easy to work together rite? Anyway...u really do enjoy ur job hoh ^^

CHER-RY said...

Hi Melissa: Yes Axian is really a sweet person with no air about him. But so far I am pretty lucky because I've never encountered any "DIVA" at work....ppl said coz I'm already the "Diva", no one else can be more diva-er than me....hohohohohoho