Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Harrods, London

The famous Harrods Departmental Store
I guess it is alwiz "a must" to come to Harrods whenever u r in London
even if it means to do window shopping coz there's just so much to see!!!
especially during festive season like Christmas

Spanning across the land of 5 Acres with a total floor space of ONE MILLION SQ FT, I am sure there's something for everyone
yeah one million square feet if u r still asking urself

Founded by Charles Henry Harrod in 1834
it went through different hands and the last owner Mohamed Al-Fayed sold it to Qatar Holdings in 2010

u have anything against an Arab country? if u do, then don't go to Harrods
I dunno what is this with ppl and globalisation
"Oh it's a Jew company....I'm not goin and buying from them."
if u have problem with Jews then there's lotsa store u can't go dude!!!
Example, Chanel is Jew...Cartier is Jew...now dun get me started on other goods....and mind u, I work for a Jew company....if u guys are still wondering...ASTRO's satellite was launched by Jews so u not using the product? and also don't drink Coffee Bean & Starbucks huh...coz r Jew too!!!
GAH!!! why some ppl are so backward thinking??????

anyway back to happier thoughts......of me and JS and Berr @ Harrods
after visiting their amazing and beautiful home department we went down to Food Hall
just to refill back all the energy burnt upstairs...
nope, we didn't really check out the clothes/apparels/cosmetics/branded luxury stuffs etc
just household and food alone were enuff

their merchandisers and buyers did fantastic job in bringing together all the exclusive brands
beautifully displayed in their departmental store
there's so many things that I wished we could have purchased and shipped it back to Malaysia
its Christmas Ornaments section is as HUGE as a book store
ooohhhhh now I regretted not getting that Crystal Angel for the tree :((((((((

so JS said "Nvm Monkey, if u like it here, we can alwiz come back anytime."

yeah I know...every visit to Harrods is different....our last visit here a few years back, we almost carried back the whole kitchenware department T_T
and this round I wanted that WHOLE DINING TABLE with all its ornaments and cutleries and tablecloth!!!!

ok....now after all the browsing and shopping....wat to have for tea
yum yum yum......
I want the cakes, the pastries, the ice creams and the....

my luck was shortlived...JS said only ONE ITEM....ONE ITEM...
*he's treating me like a kid huh....learning to make choices in life....*
so I had had HAD to choose SCONES!!!
how could u not have SCONES and TEA in LONDON?????

ooooooo it came in a normal buttery one and a raisin one
then I can't decide which one to have first, me eyes darting from one to the next
yes Life is all about making DECISIONS!!!!!
okie just one more pic to make u salivate
the outer crust was so gooood
and on the inside it was buttery soft and WARM~~~~~~~
served with fresh strawberry jam and CLOTTED CREAM!!!!

such simple scones can make my day so happy :))))))))

and mind u pls pls pls PLEASE
this is a WARNING
DO NOT eat the scones at Harrods Kuala Lumpur International Airport
those, I can throw it back to its glass display, and it will crack....
get my drift???
the tea place isn't big...so either u come at off-peak hours or queue up
we lurve to enjoy our tea here and do ppl watch down there....coz this tea house is just on a mezzanine floor.
all the hustling bustling of ppl doing groceries shopping

no complain
Life is Good
as long as I am healthy, I can do a lot of things for myself and for others
Blessed :)))))))))))

so Folks...take care of yourself and that body of yours
it's the most precious tangible thing u ever have!!!



Chasing Food Dreams said...

oh I wish I can see the kitchen department... did u guys manage to take any pics or its not allow?

and yes.. if I travel, first place I visit in a department store is the kitchen and food section too.. hehehe ;0)

js said...

Hye food dreams. If I could carry back the whole oven and stove, I would do that.....however due to space constraints we usually can only bring back table mat, cutleries and at best frying pans!!! Haha :)

CHER-RY said...

and don't forget ur pasta pan!!!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

hahaha JS & Cherry... I would probably do so as well... hehehe

CHER-RY said...

he really bought a pasta pan during our trip to Italy

and all the expensive knives...T_T
ok lar I oso bought cute cookies cutter, stuffs to make Macaroons, bla bla bla so many things which we have yet to use :P