Friday, December 16, 2011

Hospice de Beaune, France

The other name for Hospice de Beaune is Hotel Dieu de Beaune
it is not a hotel but a Hospital

yeah u must be wondering why do we even bother to visit a hospital rite?
Hospice de Beaune is the KEY monument/landmark that anyone must visit whenever they are in Beaune

Now u must also be questioning what are we doing in a village like Beaune?
well to those Burgundian wine lovers, Beaune is like the Holy Grail/Mecca of Burgundy wines
of coz it's a must visit
in fact this was the 2nd time we visited this place.
the main entrance of Hospice de Beaune
Today it is a museum
and the world's most important Wine Auction is held right next to Hospice de Beaune

We missed the wine auction by a few hours the largest event in Beaune each year
coz we left in the afternoon, and the 3 days event started that very same evening
nvm...another year perhaps :))))

important people were flown in alongside celebrities
followed by a black tie event at Chateau Clos de Vougeot
and back to Hospice de Beaune
it was built in 1443 by Chancellor of Burgundy, Nicholas Rolin
the concept was a hospital for the poor and needy
it also acted as a refuge during the wars.
the hospital relied heavily on donations in those days
but was so well-runned that it became a Model Hospital
the Main Hall which housed all the patients
it is big and airy for the sick ppl to rest
each bed has got their own privacy with curtains
and u dun actually see the other patients
pls take note that again....this hospital is for the poor and needy back in the 13th century
*u wanna reflect back on Malaysia's General Hospital in present??? as in 2011????*
there's a number on each bed - very systematic
with compartments for them to store personal belongings
on the otherside of the curtain, it can be opened and your personal toilet is there!!!!
again....all these furniture are of hundreds years of age!!!!

the beams on the roof
each beams has got a sculpted caricature of important and notable locals in Beaune

the main hall is connected to the a small chapel
it was built this close to the patients, so they can just walk over to attend masses and be nearer to God
to us, this was a rather luxurious chapel
coz it's for the needy and poor!!!!
no wonder it was the Model Hospital!!!!
the main Well for the whole hospital was situated right next to the kitchen
no pics for the kitchen coz it was too dark and we forgot our flash unit
but everything was so well organised
then there's also the pharmacy room, the surgery room etc

there's another smaller and private hall for the luckier and notable patients
with beautiful paintings adorned its wall
the signature colored tiled roof
with 4 colors - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
the Gothic iron gate which overlook the newer wing that still serves the community
currently the new wing is an old folks home which is not accessible to the public.
Monkey & JS

if u ask, yes of coz we will return to Beaune again
tee hee hee

now preparing for the next trip
yes I know my boss almost killed me the day I asked him to sign my leave form


Chasing Food Dreams said...

err... the design on the roof of the hospital reminds me of our national library? hehehe

gosh.. the hospital dun really look like its for the needy cos everything is quite nice woh...

js said...

Txs food dream for dropping by......The colored roof tiles has become an icon of classic Burgundian architecture. In the Cote D'or, you will find many old chateau and churches havin the same roof design :)
For serious burgundy wine drinkers, its compulsory to visit the Cote D'or otherwise u are consider an outsider!! Yes, very lansee :))))

CHER-RY said...

Yup Food Dreams...langsung tak macam hospital and that was like hundreds of years ago. Think our local hospitals have got lots to do :P

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful blog, I'm very happy for your adventures. However, if you were able to spell things out fully, instead of modern abbreviations, it would validate the intelligence you obviously demonstrate with your writing. Enjoy your travels. Well done.

CHER-RY said...

Hello Annonymous :))))
Thank you for dropping by. Haha we'll try to stick to the theme of being a notti monkey :)))