Monday, December 19, 2011

Boulevard Raspail Organic Market, France

How eppy can u get....on a beautiful cool Sunday morning just by looking at these??????
*oh yeah Parisiens dressed up nicely every single day including goin to the market, so u better be!!!!*

the kaleidoscope of colors were sufficient to wake me up
if u happened to have hang-over fr the night before.....lots of stalls selling freshly squeezed juices to replenish all the dehydration.

the noise,
the smell,
the sight,
the touch....yes notti me like to touch everything on display
the texture
the taste......

late Autumn also happens to be pumpkins and squash season
such beautiful dark orange pumpkins!!!
if it ain't good enuff to eat, they are good to sit in the kitchen as deco
but with such deep hue of color, it had received sufficient sun hence these pumpkins are very very sweet!!!
I knew it coz I had Pumpkin Soup!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))

more pumpkins of different sizes and species

Boulevard Raspail Market is a Biologique Marche = Biologic Market
Opens every Sunday without fail even if it snows!!!!

lucky us coz we were staying a few steps away and we found it by accident
one of those mornings, when we woke up and stretched the curtain to unveil Eiffel Tower, we saw this market at the corner of the street.
All produce in the market are grown organically
so pretty!!!!!
I'm not a carrot person, but looking at irresistible!!!

JS was so obsessed with Lamb Lettuce which we can't buy in Malaysia
it has a crunchy clean taste and u eat them as salad
beautifully stacked on crates so they are not damaged
another different variety of Lamb Lettuce
its leaves are smaller - younger shoots
I hate Radiocchio for its bitterness
but here, it tasted different....a different type of bitterness which I like :)))))))))))
Monkey bz sniffing at flowers :))))))))))))
I especially lurve Tulips and been drawing tulips since I was in my lolly dresses and crayons
simple and smart machine - roasting decks
at the top tier are the HUGE chickens of different species
*in France there is an AOC system for their chickens, just like how they classify wines*
underneath the HUGE chicken are the NORMAL ones
and beneath the NORMAL ones are SPRING chickens
the juices from the top flow all the way down~~~~~

down to the next level which consist of
Potatoes in chunks
Potatoes in wedges
cut smaller pieces of chickens
Chicken and pork sausages
and finally at the most bottom deck are Mixture of zucchinis....
so the juices from all of the above were never wasted
different species, classification and sizes of french oysters!!!
usually u can ask them to shuck it for u

there's also organic fish vendors
meat vendors...
so many things happening at the same time
our eyes were busy darting from left to right
my stomach can't decide wat to eat :D
aaaAAAaaaaa freshly baked bread
if only I lived in Paris,
I'll come here every Sundays!!!!!!!
these are really HUGE tomatoes!!!!
I dun know if u call them Heirloom Beefsteak Tomatoes of wat????
all the produces here makes me wanna learn COOKING!!!!
if only we can buy them back to cook!!!!
wat a fantastic place to be :)))))))))))))
Yes I a market....hahahahaha
lurve the size of the market coz it's not too big and definitely not crowded :))))))))

Boulevard Raspail Biologique Market 
along Boulevard Raspail
intersection of Rue de Rennes and Rue de Cherche-Midi
Opens every Sunday = Biologique produce
and on Tuedays and Fridays = Non-Biologique Produce


Anonymous said... interesting market. Though its not big...but the good thing is that..not crowded and it looks CLEAN!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

holy smoke... those vegetable colors are amazing! What gorgeous heirloom tomatoes.... sigh... even the vegetables there look so pretty among the flowers, bread, buildings, wines, fashion... hehehe

Oh and I definately want that whole roaster in my house! ;0)
What a great logic for roasting!!!

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: yup all their markets are clean, Spanking Clean I must say...odourless and organised. Can't be compared with our "pasar" :P

Food Dreams: How r u? :)))) wat u gonna do with such a big rostiserrie at home? Buka ayamas? but it's so innovative rite? :)))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Hi Cherry... ok lah.. all the rush for the holiday seasons... hope u & JS r doing well too...

well... I think I will make it a hawker stall at a kopitiam or even pasar malam... muahahaha... since no hawker stall here sells roast chicken yet!! hehehe definately innovative! worst scenario.. I ll roast this at home and invite foodies all over to come... kekeke

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Think u will make BRISK business at pasar malam coz no one sells roast chicken...only unhealthy fried chicken.

think if u are really into it, u can ask contractor to design this for u. Think it can run on gas and electricity.