Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Brasserie Lutetia, Paris

One of the most historical brasserie at St.Germain de Pres in the 6th Arrondissements of Paris
yea dun ask me why the Metropolitan of Paris is divided into arrondissements
it's "their" thing.....hahahahaha

Paris used to be the World's Largest City from 16th to 19th century
so most buildings in the center arrondissements are really old
even our hotel is 101 years old :)))))))))
and this beautiful classic luxury brasserie is part of the Hotel Lutetia
which is a must go for us

if u are a bread lover, then France is just really for you
with so many Artisan bakeries
eating bread is just never the same again
our seafood platter.....
fresh sea produce are delivered to the brasserie on a daily basis
they have a nice seafood showcase outside the brasserie to entice ur palate
either u choose ur dinner fr the showcase or just order fr its menu
so over here we have some Fine de Claire oysters
they have gradings of oysters here in France
these are Oleron Fine de Claire number 03
along side some sea clams
and over on the other side, we have the prized Belon oysters number 00
I can't really describe the freshness of it
no words for it
I mean where else can u enjoy amazing Belon oysters other than France
freshly shucked too!!!
nothing were needed to enjoy them....just on its own
soon the 2 slices of lemon proves to be decoration only
and special Organic Prawns from Mozambique
*the country in Africa that has got faster Internet/broadband connection than Msia*
yes if u asked, the whole platter is raw hence served on a bed of ice
other "mis-en-place" on the table....
of shallots vinagrette, mustard, mayo and more bread
*their mayo is made fresh hence the stark yellowness innit*
to be eaten together with the seafood platter
creamie buttery snails with wild chanterelle mushrooms
how appropriate to pair both produce fr Earth
I mean mushrooms are very earthy and so are snails too!!!
plus the snails were removed fr its shell...makes it so much easier to nom nom nom
but then again eating escargots fr its shell it's another different story altogether
Basque pork sausage with more parts fr a pig *and its crunchy ears*
braised in really fat white beans, sweet savoy cabbage
it's a comfort food!!!!!

a famous cuisine from Southern France
of fish stew, seafood, carrots and potatoes
all cooked in fragrant saffron juice
Caramelised crispy duck with sweet pear
yeah French are really good with duck
anyhow u must try everything
else how would u know if u like it or not?

I have many friends who stereotyped food
sometimes u just need to encourage or FORCE them to TRY
and the surprised look on their faces when they found it not that difficult afterll
but most of all that it's actually yummy and delicious

well same goes to chomping crispy bugs on the streets of Thailand
it's not something that I like/enjoyed
but then after trying it, it's not a terrible snack
and it's high in protein!!!!
after that, we'll alwiz have deep fried bugs with salt and pepper whenever we are in the Land of Smiles
well as the saying goes --> when u r in Rome, do as the Romans do
Pan Seared Sole Fillet with crispy bacon and basil seeds, grilled sweet red pepper
so difficult to get good Sole Fish in our country
but over here, it's abundance and u can get them everyday anywhere
wwwuuuahahahahaha favourite part of dinner
heeeeeeeeeeeee :))))))))
I don't normaly yearn for desserts coz I'm not so into sugar
more of a savoury person
but in France......
so we have a coconut macaroons, cassis/blackcurrant financier cake and chocolate mousse
the main star has got to be Creme Brulee
everyone swear that it is the best in town!!!!
indeed it's the best
almost like eating our version of toufu-fah!!!!
with its layer of torched sugar on top
got to be the quality of eggs and milk used here
so wat we get here in Msia are fakes....

well what do u think?
all these yummy food in a brasserie
brasserie is equivalent to our kopitiam in Msia
imagine u can get all these in kopitiam
I'm not asking for oysters or creme brulee but at least some decent Msian food and top notch service

Now who can recommend some nice kopitiam to me??

Brasserie Lutetia
Hotel Lutetia
45, Boulevard Raspail,
75006 Paris, France.
Tel: +33 (0) 1 4954 4646


js said...

Btw I only had two pieces of oysters. Wonder who ate the rest!! :))

kenny said...

you are enticing me now for the oyster!!!!!

CHER-RY said...

JS: i think by day 3 in France, u gave up oysters already....overindulgence is bad bad bad bad u know?

Kenny: yup oysters in France are heaven!!!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

wah.. Cherry finished that whole delectable seafood on ice.. fu yoh.. ;0)

those Organic Prawns from Mozambique are raw? it looked cooked with its pink color...

what a fabulous seafood expedition!

js said... dreams......someone else almost finish the whole tray of oysters, clams and crustacean!! Imagine the amount of zinc he consumed and what will become of his testerones. wink wink :)